Missouri State Senate

Bills Sponsored by Senator Bartle

SB 587 - Extends the August 28, 2006, expiration date for the surcharge on certain criminal cases to August 28, 2013
SB 588 - Modifies the laws regarding sexual offenders
SB 589 - Adds one circuit judge position and modifies one circuit judge position within the Sixteenth Judicial Circuit
SB 651 - Dedicates at least ten percent of future TIF increments to schools affected by the tax increment financing
SB 652 - Allows the Department of Transportation to construct toll roads under certain conditions
SB 653 - Fully reimburses certain school districts for costs associated with offering certain special education services
SB 693 - Requires the Governor to appoint new members of the Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance Company Board
SB 694 - Limits certificate of need to long-term care facilities
SB 774 - Provides funding for umbilical cord blood banks and non-fetal human stem cell research
SB 847 - Modifies the jurisdiction of small claims courts
SRB 848 - Repeals certain sections of law which have expired, sunset, terminated, or are ineffective
SB 890 - Requires sexual offenders who fail to register for a third time to be electronically monitored for ten years
SB 965 - Modifies poison control provisions
SB 977 - Authorizes the director of the POST Commission to promulgate rules and modifies 911 telecommunications training
SB 1028 - Adds substances to the controlled substances lists and criminalizes activities related to falsifying drug tests
SB 1030 - Criminalizes selling and purchasing phone call logs
SB 1050 - Modifies provisions regarding bond remittance in certain landlord and tenant actions
SB 1051 - Modifies provisions regarding court dates, issuance of summons, and writs of possession or restitution in certain landlord and tenant actions
SB 1067 - Creates the "Office of Enterprise Technology"
SB 1150 - Modifies the types of orders or judgments that may be appealed through the prosecuting or circuit attorney
SB 1151 - Excludes gambling establishments from the definition of "qualified company" under the Quality Jobs Act
SB 1152 - Prohibits human cloning
SB 1153 - Modifies provisions on senior citizens and the disabled
SB 1232 - Regulates sexually-oriented businesses
SB 1233 - Amends campaign finance limits
SB 1234 - Alters provisions regarding the Missouri School Improvement Program
SJR 23 - Grants the power to determine public school funding exclusively to the General Assembly and Governor, not the Judiciary
SJR 24 - Gives the Highways and Transportation Commission authority to finance, construct, operate, and maintain toll facilities
SJR 40 - Preserves an individual's right to hunt and fish
SR 1695 - Notice of Proposed Rule Change - Rule 96
HB 1030 - Modifies the laws regarding political subdivisions
HB 1437 - Modifies poison and radiation control provisions
HB 1534 - Provides funding for umbilical cord blood banks and non-fetal human stem cell research
HB 1698 - Modifies laws relating to sexual offenders
HB 1703 - Provides that political subdivisions forming a business entity for the purpose of providing liability insurance are not to be considered an insurance company
HB 1707 - Allows local registrars to be an employee of either a county or city health agency and gives the Jackson County Recorder of Deeds more discretion regarding where documents are recorded
HB 1715 - Modifies the law regarding the internal operations of corporations
HB 1739 - Allows a vermiculture operation, which is a business raising earthworms under a controlled environment, to receive certain agricultural loans
HB 1767 - Modifies protection provisions relating to senior citizens, disabled persons and children