Missouri State Senate

Bills Co-Sponsored by Senator Barnitz

SB 593 - Allows small employers to obtain medical coverage through the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan
SB 637 - Changes the laws regarding midwives and the practice of midwifery
SB 725 - Alters provisions regarding alcoholic beverages
SB 762 - Allows businesses to voluntarily sign up for the newly created no-mail list kept and maintained by the Secretary of State's Office.
SB 773 - Changes various sections pertaining to agriculture
SB 778 - Requires proof of payment of personal property taxes on certain vessels, raises vessel fees and creates the "Missouri State Water Patrol Fund"
SB 796 - Provides for two-thirds income disregard for Medical Assistance for Families recipients
SB 810 - Repeals the June 30, 2008, Medicaid Sunset Provision
SB 829 - Repeals a portion of the law which allows certain utilities to apply for alternate rate schedules
SB 844 - Authorizes individuals to bring civil actions alleging Medicaid fraud
SB 845 - Modifies fees and reinstatement processes in the event of corporate administrative dissolution
SB 853 - Provides for mandatory minimum punishment for securities fraud crimes against the elderly or disabled
SB 865 - Exempts livestock from personal property taxation
SB 898 - Modifies provisions regarding members of the military and their families
SB 1047 - Requires the Department of Public Safety to create a grant program for certain law enforcement task forces
SB 1077 - Creates new penalties for signing false names on petitions
SB 1100 - Makes stealing any animal considered livestock punishable as a Class C felony
SB 1254 - Modifies laws relating to reporting requirements, expenditures and campaign contributions
SCR 31 - Urges the United States Department of Agriculture to continue the voluntary National Animal Identification System program
SJR 34 - Alters the composition of the State Board of Education
SJR 39 - Requires impeachments to be tried by the Senate, rather than the Supreme Court