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Bills Co-Sponsored by Senator Days

SB 658 Prohibits any governmental entity from interfering with the right to obtain or use contraceptives
SB 674 Defines "bullying" and prohibits school employees, volunteers, or students from bullying a student while on school property
SB 675 Modifies the state's No-Call List to include wireless numbers and fax numbers
SB 700 Removes references to male and female employees and requires equal pay for the same work regardless of gender
SB 706 Permits both public and private entities to conduct research utilizing embryonic and adult stem cells
SB 716 Prohibits discrimination based upon a person's sexual orientation
SB 762 Allows businesses to voluntarily sign up for the newly created no-mail list kept and maintained by the Secretary of State's Office.
SB 777 Establishes the "Missouri Universal Health Assurance Program"
SB 796 Provides for two-thirds income disregard for Medical Assistance for Families recipients
SB 810 Repeals the June 30, 2008, Medicaid Sunset Provision
SB 811 Enacts various changes with respect to the issue of medical malpractice insurance
SB 829 Repeals a portion of the law which allows certain utilities to apply for alternate rate schedules
SB 843 Establishes renewable energy resources use requirements
SB 844 Authorizes individuals to bring civil actions alleging Medicaid fraud
SB 846 Sets the maximum penalty for violating any Public Service Commission order relating to federal natural gas safety standards
SB 853 Provides for mandatory minimum punishment for securities fraud crimes against the elderly or disabled
SB 875 Modifies requirements for corporate filings
SB 943 Establishes the "Prevention First Act"
SB 944 Requires large employers to dedicate a percentage of profits for health care costs
SB 952 Designates the Table Rock Lake bridge on Highway 39 in Barry County near the census-designated place of Shell Knob as the "State Senator Larry Gene Taylor Memorial Bridge"
SB 981 Allows a Highway Patrol member to accept other employment under a general order issued by the Superintendent
SB 1007 Bars lending institutions from using unsolicited negotiable instruments as extensions of credit to consumers
SB 1021 Modifies laws of the Missouri Health Insurance Pool
SB 1077 Creates new penalties for signing false names on petitions
SB 1085 Modifies provisions regarding the self-administeration of medication by students
SB 1098 Creates a tax credit for service as a poll worker
SB 1164 Provides that teacher training programs shall include instruction in main streaming children with special needs as well as instruction regarding the IEP process
SB 1192 Creates provisions relating to the duty of pharmacies to fill prescriptions
SB 1227 Modifies the law relating to the establishment of paternity

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