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Bills Co-Sponsored by Senator Callahan

SB 620 Modifies the prevailing wage law
SB 762 Allows businesses to voluntarily sign up for the newly created no-mail list kept and maintained by the Secretary of State's Office.
SB 796 Provides for two-thirds income disregard for Medical Assistance for Families recipients
SB 810 Repeals the June 30, 2008, Medicaid Sunset Provision
SB 817 Replaces Missouri's workers' compensation residual market plan with Missouri Employers Mutual Insurance Company
SB 829 Repeals a portion of the law which allows certain utilities to apply for alternate rate schedules
SB 830 Changes provisions regarding military leave for Kansas City police officers and civilian employees
SB 831 Alters the school funding formula provision that reduces current-year funding for districts with decreases in summer school attendance
SB 843 Establishes renewable energy resources use requirements
SB 844 Authorizes individuals to bring civil actions alleging Medicaid fraud
SB 845 Modifies fees and reinstatement processes in the event of corporate administrative dissolution
SB 853 Provides for mandatory minimum punishment for securities fraud crimes against the elderly or disabled
SB 894 Renders multiple alterations to the state's education policy
SB 944 Requires large employers to dedicate a percentage of profits for health care costs
SB 952 Designates the Table Rock Lake bridge on Highway 39 in Barry County near the census-designated place of Shell Knob as the "State Senator Larry Gene Taylor Memorial Bridge"
SB 994 Alters the "special education threshold" for any school district with a higher-than-average student population with elevated blood lead levels
SB 995 Establishes a "Business and After-School Partnership Program"
SB 1006 Provides an income tax credit for volunteer firefighters
SB 1047 Requires the Department of Public Safety to create a grant program for certain law enforcement task forces
SB 1254 Modifies laws relating to reporting requirements, expenditures and campaign contributions

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