Missouri State Senate
Bills assigned to Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions & Ethics

SCR 21 - Ridgeway - Expresses support for Taiwan to have an observer status in the World Health Organization
SCR 22 - Champion - Authorizes the Missouri Department of Transportation to create individual highway signs detailing the name and date of workers, emergency workers, and highway patrol officers injured or killed on Missouri highways.
SCR 23 - Coleman - Establishes the "Board of Naturopathic Medical Examiners"
SCR 24 - Scott - Reauthorizes the Poultry Industry Committee
SCR 25 - Cauthorn - Supports and encourages the state and all local governments to work in partnership with faith-based community organizations
SCR 26 - Crowell - Establishes the "Joint Interim Committee on Low Income Housing Tax Credits"
SCR 27 - Crowell - Urges the Missouri Congressional Delegation to support legislation calling for federal approval of extension of the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail
SCR 28 - Days - Designates a state office building in Jefferson City as the "George Washington Carver State Office Building"
SCR 29 - Graham - Expresses opposition to the proposed sale of national forest land in the Mark Twain National Forest
SCR 30 - Scott - Supports formation of a task force to develop a more balanced plan that incorporates the recreational, environmental and aesthetic values of the Lake of the Ozarks
SCR 31 - Purgason - Urges the United States Department of Agriculture to continue the voluntary National Animal Identification System program
SCR 32 - Days - Urges United States Congress to include an allocation in the federal budget for a military transport plan program at Boeing St. Louis
SCR 33 - Bray - Ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment to the United States Constitution
SCR 34 - Loudon - Urges the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission and the Illinois Department of Transportation to designate the new bridge connecting Missouri and Illinois as the Ronald Wilson Reagan Memorial Bridge
SCR 35 - Bray - Condemns the ongoing genocide in Darfur, Sudan
SR 1695 - Bartle - Notice of Proposed Rule Change - Rule 96
SR 2363 - Gross - Proposed Rule Change - Rule 103
SR 2615 - Bray - Designates May 27, 2006, as Rachel Carson Day in Missouri
SR 2741 - Wilson - Designates the month of May 2006 as Stroke Awareness Month in Missouri
HCR 4 - Bruns - Recognizes April 27th of each year as "Autism Awareness Day" and the month of April each year as "Autism Awareness Month" in Missouri.
HCR 5 - Bearden - Declares February 6th of each year to be "Ronald Reagan Day" in Missouri.
HCR 9 - Ruestman - Directs the Comprehensive Cancer Action Plan for Missouri, which is a nationwide model of effective cancer control strategies, be posted annually on the Missouri state website homepage.
HCR 10 - Zweifel - Urges the United States Congress to adopt a comprehensive federal law that protects consumer information from data thieves.
HCR 12 - Portwood - Designates the tenth of May each year as "Hepatitis C Awareness Day" in Missouri.
HCR 14 - Schlottach - Recognizes February 2006 as American Heart Month in Missouri
HCR 15 - Jetton - Urges the United States Congress and Department of Agriculture to waive or amend the federal Food Stamp Program to increase the availability of food assistance for low-income elderly persons
HCR 17 - Quinn - Concurs with the Governor that all reasonable and necessary action should be taken to prevent the planned man-made "spring rise" of the Missouri River.
HCR 18 - Kuessner - Urges the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to establish a controlled pilot program allowing 18 to 21 year-olds to obtain a CDL for interstate commerce
HCR 23 - Wilson - Requests a review of the special needs student assessment provisions of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act to better serve the special needs student population.
HCR 25 - Bowman Sr. - Urges the United States Congress to include in the Federal Defense Budget an allocation for the United States Air Force C-17 Globemaster III military transport plane program at Boeing St. Louis
HCR 27 - Burnett - Allows health care professionals licensed in other states to provide health care services during the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk in Kansas City.
HCR 31 - Fraser - Urges the use of the slogan "The Great River State" as a slogan for the State of Missouri.
HCR 34 - Myers - Encourages the Department of Conservation to have a hand fishing season for channel, blue and flathead catfish from June 1 to July 15 starting in 2007 to allow hand fishers to take five fish by hand.
HCR 37 - Loehner - Expresses the support of the General Assembly for the installation of a ferryboat on the Missouri River at Chamois
HCR 41 - Sutherland - Declares October 2006 to be "Missouri Walk and Bicycle to School Month" and October 4, 2006, to be "Missouri Walk and Bicycle to School Day" in Missouri.