Missouri State Senate
Bills assigned to Governmental Accountability & Fiscal Oversight

SB 820 - Koster - Increases the maximum amount that may be appropriated to the Governmental Emergency Fund
SB 917 - Gross - Requires the balance of all state funds to be transferred and credited to the state General Revenue Fund
SB 1055 - Cauthorn - Modifies Missouri law regarding overtime for state workers
SB 1162 - Nodler - Modifies the authority of the Small Business Regulatory Finance Board
SB 1163 - Nodler - Transfers the duty to administer the Crime Victims' Compensation Fund from the Director of Revenue to the Director of Public Safety
SB 1174 - Stouffer - Transfers the authority to approve blood alcohol and other chemical testing methods and devices from the Department of Health and Senior Services to the Department of Transportation
SB 1185 - Engler - Reorganizes duties within state agencies
SB 1200 - Scott - Transfers collection of surplus lines tax from the Department of Insurance to the Department of Revenue
SB 1217 - Goodman - Modifies bidding and notice requirements for public projects
SB 1225 - Ridgeway - Transfers administration of the domestic violence shelter tax credit from the Department of Public Safety to the Department of Social Services
SJR 25 - Clemens - Creates a two-year budget cycle
SJR 36 - Graham - Requires the State Treasurer to provide an estimate of available state revenues each fiscal year
SJR 37 - Graham - Requires that all appropriations by the General Assembly cannot exceed the official estimate of state revenues
SJR 42 - Nodler - Authorizes legislative appropriation authority for administrative expenses of the Highways and Transportation Commission and the Conservation Commission
HB 1456 - Roark - Modifies law regarding unemployment security