Missouri State Senate
Bills assigned to Financial & Governmental Organizations and Elections

SB 632 - Dougherty - Restricts credit card companies from raising interest or fees
SB 633 - Dougherty - Restricts consumer reporting agencies' determination of credit risk scores
SB 641 - Scott - Requires all contributions to the Missouri Higher Education Savings Program be held for twelve months
SB 661 - Ridgeway - Repeals the option of voting a straight-party ticket
SB 664 - Crowell - Adopts the Nurse Licensure Compact
SB 685 - Coleman - Prohibits expiration dates or service fees for dormancy on gift certificates issued by companies
SB 689 - Scott - Modifies lobbyist reporting requirements and campaign finance disclosure for public officials
SB 705 - Engler - Authorizes minimum amounts of compensation for certain Corrections personnel
SB 713 - Champion - Requires the Joint Committee on Legislative Research to file its annual report regarding ineffective statutes by October 15 instead of January 3
SB 718 - Crowell - Modifies the authority of certain boards, commissions, and authorities to grant loans
SB 726 - Bray - Modifies paperwork requirements in the formation of a new political party
SB 730 - Crowell - Requires voters to provide photographic identification
SB 733 - Cauthorn - Adjusts state employee salaries
SB 747 - Klindt - Requires used car dealers to complete educational seminars in order to obtain a license
SB 749 - Engler - Modifies minimum experience requirements for interior designer registration
SB 756 - Clemens - Modifies requirements for licensing and registration of certain professionals
SB 767 - Graham - Requires Office of Administration and Highway Patrol to oversee use of state aircraft and places restrictions on certain state officers with respect to use of state aircraft
SB 773 - Cauthorn - Changes various sections pertaining to agriculture
SB 798 - Nodler - Authorizes the Missouri Board of Architects, Professional Engineers, Professional Land Surveyors and Landscape Architects to impose civil penalties
SB 801 - Shields - Bars election authorities from certifying election results until all election costs are paid
SB 808 - Ridgeway - Modifies provisions relating to the Missouri Women's Council
SB 818 - Scott - Amends requirements for filing financial interest statements
SB 819 - Scott - Modifies licensure requirements for professional engineers and land surveyors
SB 828 - Scott - Repeals the sunset provision for dental hygienists
SB 859 - Days - Creates an advance voting system for elections
SB 870 - Mayer - Transfers responsibility for existing appropriation payments from the Office of Administration to other state agencies
SB 887 - Green - Removes certain limits on campaign contributions
SB 892 - Scott - Modifies laws relating to financial institutions
SB 904 - Griesheimer - Modifies the requirements for management, design and construction of state buildings
SB 906 - Engler - Modifies various provisions relating to lead abatement
SB 907 - Engler - Allows the Secretary of State to regulate the sale of variable annuities
SB 923 - Barnitz - Precludes any professional athletic team or sports authority from receiving funding from the Development Finance Board
SB 931 - Scott - Gives property owners one vote per acre when electing directors for a transportation development district
SB 932 - Scott - Modifies laws relating to county officials
SB 933 - Scott - Transfers the duty of appointing railroad policemen from the Highway Patrol to the Director of the Department of Public Safety
SB 934 - Engler - Creates a grace period for cosmetology and barber shop licensure when the establishment changes ownership or location
SB 935 - Engler - Creates a grace period for barber shop licensure and removes requirements for barbers
SB 945 - Bray - Prohibits gifts from lobbyists to members of General Assembly
SB 966 - Green - Bars the Jackson County Sports Authority and the Greater St. Louis Sports Authority from hiring lobbyists
SB 975 - Days - Amends laws relating to unsecured loans of $500 or less
SB 977 - Bartle - Authorizes the director of the POST Commission to promulgate rules and modifies 911 telecommunications training
SB 989 - Bray - Requires committees to refund campaign contributions in some instances
SB 993 - Scott - Modifies processes for licensure and service of financial institutions
SB 1007 - Goodman - Bars lending institutions from using unsolicited negotiable instruments as extensions of credit to consumers
SB 1014 - Scott - Modifies law relating to election administration
SB 1018 - Kennedy - Enacts licensing requirements for private investigators
SB 1026 - Cauthorn - Authorizes the Lieutenant Governor to administer certain veterans' programs and funds
SB 1032 - Cauthorn - Amends the law relating to physician assistants
SB 1034 - Green - Amends the laws relating to the practice of professional counselors
SB 1035 - Mayer - Limits investment firm and law firm support in general obligation bond elections
SB 1043 - Coleman - Restricts predatory lending
SB 1067 - Bartle - Creates the "Office of Enterprise Technology"
SB 1069 - Engler - Authorizes certain public entities to enter into agreements to modify payment terms for bonds based on changes in the purchase price of commodities
SB 1077 - Bray - Creates new penalties for signing false names on petitions
SB 1083 - Bray - Requires the Ethics Commission to post certain expenditure information for and against candidates on its website
SB 1093 - Gross - Increases the revenue bond limit for the acquisition of public buildings in cities by the board of public buildings
SB 1095 - Engler - Requires the POST Commission to offer peace officer training on the investigation of computer and Internet crimes
SB 1099 - Clemens - Creates licensing standards for clinical science practitioners
SB 1110 - Barnitz - Requires those who contract to receive repossessed vehicles to deliver surety bonds
SB 1113 - Goodman - Directs the courts to be guided by the Federal Trade Commission's guidelines on merchandising practices
SB 1124 - Shields - Modifies the law related to professional licensing
SB 1125 - Coleman - Modifies law relating to voter registration and election offenses
SB 1128 - Purgason - Creates licensing standards for prescribing psychologists
SB 1133 - Scott - Requires Missouri to pay nondriver's license fees for applicants complying with voter identification laws
SB 1134 - Scott - Creates the "Small-Business Advocacy Program" in the Office of the Lieutenant Governor
SB 1135 - Scott - Modifies various provisions of law relating to investments by insurance companies
SB 1148 - Ridgeway - Modifies the transition period for newly elected statewide officials
SB 1154 - Mayer - Prohibits persons who have been a candidate for a partisan-elected office from membership on the Missouri Ethics Commission
SB 1167 - Days - Bars sitting senators and representatives from contracting with one another for fund raising and consulting for campaigns
SB 1170 - Bray - Creates statutory warranties for home buyers and homeowners and also prevents home solicitors from engaging in certain deceptive practices
SB 1172 - Bray - Revises the membership of the Regional Taxicab Commission
SB 1187 - Gibbons - Repeals and reduces certain committees and commissions and sets a sunset date for other committees and commissions
SB 1189 - Gibbons - Creates the "Holocaust Education and Awareness Commission"
SB 1193 - Wheeler - Allows the General Assembly to appropriate state funds to the Missouri Housing Development Commission for certain housing purposes
SB 1213 - Coleman - Regulates the licensing of naturopathic practitioners
SB 1214 - Goodman - Exempts votes by political party committees to select a candidate for a special election from the Sunshine Law
SB 1233 - Bartle - Amends campaign finance limits
SB 1243 - Loudon - Creates licensure requirements for electrical contractors
SB 1254 - Shields - Modifies laws relating to reporting requirements, expenditures and campaign contributions
SJR 27 - Crowell - Dismantles the Missouri Citizen's Commission on the Compensation for Elected Officials
SJR 32 - Graham - Requires the State Auditor to carry out performance audits on all state agencies
SJR 33 - Graham - Modifies the procedure for division of the state into U.S. Congressional districts
HB 983 - Meadows - Requires the United States and the Missouri state flags to be flown at half-staff on all government buildings on September 11 of each year
HB 984 - Meadows - Encourages all government buildings, businesses, and state citizens to display the POW/MIA flag on certain dates
HB 1065 - Tilley - Authorizes minimum amounts of compensation for certain corrections personnel
HB 1153 - Emery - Modifies membership of the elevator safety board
HB 1168 - Tilley - Modifies law relating to the licensing of pharmacists
HB 1228 - Ruestman - Eliminates the requirement that the Missouri Women's Council must prepare a state plan and gather annual reports from numerous state departments
HB 1244 - Ruestman - Modifies minimum experience requirements for interior designer registration
HB 1339 - Wood - Modifies licensing requirements for real estate brokers
HB 1349 - Loehner - Creates the "Family Farms Act"
HB 1392 - Behnen - Modifies law relating to dental hygienists and marital and family therapists
HB 1393 - Behnen - Allows the Superintendent of the State Highway Patrol to set the circumstances under which members of the patrol may be engaged in secondary employment
HB 1411 - Smith - Modifies laws relating to certain boards, commissions and councils
HB 1423 - Page - Allows the Secretary of State to regulate the sale of variable annuities
HB 1432 - Moore - Authorizes the State Board of Probation and Parole to conduct probation and parole hearings by videoconferencing
HB 1494 - Emery - Modifies licensure requirements for professional engineers and land surveyors
HB 1551 - Tilley - Creates a grace period for barber shop and cosmetology licensure when the establishment changes ownership or location
HB 1715 - Pratt - Modifies the law regarding the internal operations of corporations
HB 1739 - Dusenberg - Allows a vermiculture operation, which is a business raising earthworms under a controlled environment, to receive certain agricultural loans
HB 1746 - Day - Transfers the administration of certain veterans' programs and funds from the Missouri Veterans Commission to the Lieutenant Governor
HB 1759 - Wasson - Modifies requirements for licensure of athletic trainers
HB 1884 - Behnen - Modifies laws regarding real estate appraisers
HB 1885 - Behnen - Modifies law relating to real estate appraisers
HB 1900 - Dempsey - Modifies law relating to campaign finance and lobbyist reporting requirements