SB 1028
Adds substances to the controlled substances lists and criminalizes activities related to falsifying drug tests
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3/27/2006 - Hearing Conducted S Judiciary and Civil & Criminal Jurisprudence Committee
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August 28, 2006

Current Bill Summary

SB 1028 - This act adds substances to the list of controlled substances in Schedule IV and Schedule V.

This act makes it a crime to commit a fraudulent act to falsify or defraud a drug or alcohol test. Such crime is a class C felony.

Under this act, it is a crime to manufacture, possess, sell, distribute, or market a biological sample or to transport such a sample with the intent of using the sample to defraud a drug or alcohol test. This act also makes it a crime to manufacture, sell, distribute, or market substances that are intended to used to adulterate a biological sample in order to defraud a drug or alcohol test. Such crimes are Class A misdemeanors.