SB 1085 Modifies provisions regarding the self-administeration of medication by students
Sponsor: Kennedy Co-Sponsor(s)
LR Number: 4122S.05P Fiscal Note: 4122-05
Committee: Education
Last Action: 5/12/2006 - H Consent Calendar Journal Page:
Title: Calendar Position:
Effective Date: August 28, 2006
House Handler: Cooper

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Current Bill Summary

SB 1085 - This act modifies the provisions relating to students self-administering medication. Under current law, any board of education may allow a student to self-administer medication to treat asthma. This act provides that school boards, its employees or agents shall grant authorization to students to possess and self-administer prescribed medication to treat asthma or anaphylaxis provided that the parent or guardian follow certain procedures.

This act defines "medication" as any medicine prescribed or ordered by a physician for the treatment of asthma or anaphylaxis. "Self-administration" is defined as a student's discretionary use of medication, pursuant to a prescription or written treatment plan from a licensed physician.

This act allows the student to carry and use the self-administered medication during school-sponsored activities beyond the regular school day or outside the school. Students are also allowed to bring backup medication and have it stored in a location at school where the student, or appropriate school agent if necessary and in accordance with the physician's written treatment plan, have immediate access in the event of a medical emergency.

Nothing in this act shall be construed to prohibit school districts from providing backup medication authorized under this act or from implementing a policy to provide training for an employee or agent to administer the authorized medication to the pupil.