SB 961 Makes certain indemnity agreements in motor carrier transportation contracts void and unenforceable
1/26/2006 S First Read S133
1/30/2006 Second Read and Referred S Transportation Committee S142
2/14/2006 Hearing Conducted S Transportation Committee
3/7/2006 SCS Voted Do Pass S Transportation Committee (4753S.02C)
4/3/2006 Reported from S Transportation Committee to Floor w/SCS S597
4/11/2006 Bill Placed on Informal Calendar S713
4/12/2006 SCS S adopted S735
4/12/2006 Perfected S735
4/12/2006 Reported Truly Perfected S Rules Committee S744
4/13/2006 S Third Read and Passed S764
4/13/2006 H First Read H1085
4/18/2006 H Second Read H1098
4/19/2006 Referred H Transportation Committee H1141
4/26/2006 Hearing Conducted H Transportation Committee
5/2/2006 HCS Reported Do Pass H Transportation Committee H1429
5/2/2006 Referred to Rules Committee pursuant to Rule 25(26)(f) H1429
5/5/2006 Hearing Conducted H Rules Committee
5/5/2006 Voted Do Pass H Rules Committee
5/10/2006 Reported Do Pass H Rules Committee H1739
5/12/2006 H Calendar S Bills for Third Reading