Missouri State Senate
Press Releases by Senator Engler

July 13, 2005 -- Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Quadruples - Gov. Blunt Signs Bill to Combat Abuse


May 13, 2005 -- Sen. Kevin Engler Announces Nearly $30 million More for Local Schools Under New School Formula

May 12, 2005 -- Sen. Kevin Engler and Rep. Steve Tilley Advance Bill to Stop Prescription-Drug Sharing at Schools

February 23, 2005 -- DNR Director Doyle Childers Visits Sen. Kevin Engler's District

February 22, 2005 -- Sen. Kevin Engler Recognizes Two Educators on Senate Floor

February 17, 2005 -- State Sen. Kevin Engler and House Rep. Steven Tilley Bring Transportation Director to Farmington

February 17, 2005 -- Listening Posts for Senator Kevin Engler to Be Held

February 9, 2005 -- Senator Kevin Engler's Corrections Officer Pay-Raise Bill Heads To Committee

February 8, 2005 -- Senator Kevin Engler's Vehicle Registration Bill Moves to Committee

February 8, 2005 -- State Senator Kevin Engler Announces New Interim Chief of Staff

February 8, 2005 -- Legislation Meant To Honor, Preserve, Respect Human Life

February 1, 2005 -- State Sen. Kevin Engler and State Rep. Steve Tilley Join Forces to Reduce Drug Use in Schools

January 25, 2005 -- Senator Kevin Engler Moves to Rename Highway in Memory of Patrolman

January 5, 2005 -- Kevin Engler Receives Oath of Office as Senator of Missouri's 3rd Senatorial District

November 4, 2004 -- Election of Kevin Engler Restores Local Representation In Missouri Senate To Counties in Missouri's 3rd Senatorial District