Missouri State Senate
Biography for Senator Coleman

Maida Coleman, Senate Minority Leader, was born in Sikeston, Missouri on July 1, 1954. She is the eldest of eight children. She graduated from Lincoln University in Jefferson City with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism.

Maida's interest in politics evolved as the result of a conversation in 1989 with now Missouri Supreme Court, Ronnie White. State Representative for the 63rd District at the time, Judge White invited Maida to a 7th Ward meeting. Maida has since held various roles in the organization, including President. She is now serving her third term as Committeewoman of the 7th Ward. Maida was elected to the Missouri House of Representatives from the 63rd District in 2000. She served in this capacity for one year before being elected by the leadership of the 5th Senatorial District to represent them in the Missouri Senate. She was successfully elected to office February 5, 2002. Maida was elected Assistant Minority Floor Leader in November of 2002, and Minority Floor Leader in 2004.

Maida sits on a variety of boards, many non-profit, and is a member of Central Baptist Church in St. Louis. Her affiliations, both past and present include:

Maida is the proud mother of three very fine children - John, Alaina and James.

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