Missouri State Senate

Bills Sponsored by Senator Taylor

SB 50 - Requires proof of U.S. citizenship when registering to vote
SB 51 - Changes the penalty for offenses concerning unauthorized recordings
SB 125 - Exempts school bus fuel from state sales tax
SB 137 - Prohibits insurers from owning auto repair shops and prohibits the use of referral fees for using such shops
SB 265 - Allows the board of directors of any public water supply district to sell and convey property in certain instances
SB 273 - Permits the delivery sale of cigarettes to a consumer under certain circumstances
SB 274 - Regulates travel clubs
SB 279 - Adds demand drafts to certain transfer and presentment warranties in the Uniform Commercial Code
SB 280 - Changes laws regarding cosmetologists and barbers
SB 358 - Restructures the board of directors for tourism districts and recalculates the dispersion of sales taxes in those districts
SB 359 - Provides for price and performance comparisons of health care facilities to be posted on a state website
SB 389 - Creates new election offenses for using wireless electronic recording devices in polling places
SB 390 - Allows vehicle dealers to provide disclaimers and disclosures by referring to the Internet and a toll-free number
SB 412 - Establishes the hazardous duty compensation act
SB 413 - Limits political subdivisions authority to grant franchises for cable operators
SB 443 - Prohibits title agencies from commingling certain funds and imposes other requirements on title insurers
SB 444 - Requires housing contractors to establish escrow accounts to satisfy potential mechanics' liens
SB 445 - Increases the fee for a certificate of number when registering watercraft
SB 515 - Requires summer school programs be run by the school district in order for the district to double count its summer school attendance
SJR 12 - Removes time limit for members of organizations before they can conduct bingo games
HB 43 - Designates a portion of U. S. Highway 160 from State Route 76 to State Route 125 as the "Rick Harmon Memorial Highway"
HB 155 - Designates a portion of State Highway E in McDonald County as the "Albert Brumley Memorial Highway"
HB 174 - Authorizes revocation of a real estate license for persons convicted of certain felonies and defines exclusive brokerage agreements
HB 236 - Designates the National Guard armory located in Pierce City as the "Lawrence A. Witt National Guard Armory"
HB 395 - Extends the power to sell and convey all or part of the district's property to cities owning waterworks systems to all public water supply
HB 515 - Amends provisions relating to tourism community enhancement districts
HB 863 - Establishes the Downtown Revitalization Preservation Program for economic development