Missouri State Senate

Bills Sponsored by Senator Green

SB 150 - Creates the Public Service Accountability Act
SB 151 - Prohibits state senators and representatives from receiving state health insurance
SB 166 - Requires reporting by employers as to how many of its employees receive publically funded health care benefits
SB 167 - Requires privately funded mental health facilities to have the same reporting requirements for patient abuse as state mental health facilities
SB 201 - Repeals law setting limits on campaign contributions to candidates for elected office
SB 282 - Revises regulation of tax increment financing
SB 333 - Adopts an air quality program for schools, lays out the procedures and includes reporting provisions
SB 334 - Add penalties for employing illegal aliens
SB 349 - Makes various changes relating to prevailing wage law
SB 403 - Authorizes professional counselors to diagnose
SB 459 - Creates a tax deduction for small businesses and farmers that provide health insurance for employees
SB 549 - Prohibits certain relatives of elected officials from registering as a lobbyist or serving as fee agents
SCR 11 - Designates the month of March 2005 as Irish-American Heritage Month
HB 280 - Requires election judges to take voting ballots and equipment to physically disabled voters unable to enter polling places