Missouri State Senate

Bills Sponsored by Senator Griesheimer

SB 22 - Changes motor vehicle emission requirements
SB 23 - Creates criminal use of property by operating audiovisual recording devices while in a movie
SB 24 - Places an expiration date on $10 court fee imposed on most cases in Franklin County
SB 71 - Changes which state employees may receive paid leave for volunteering as a disaster service volunteer
SB 72 - Requires insurance companies to provide coverage for computerized prosthetic devices
SB 179 - Allows for utility companies to recover costs through alternate rate plans
SB 188 - Provides a valuation process for business personal property
SB 190 - Modifies provisions regarding mortgage broker and loan originators
SB 210 - Modifies provisions affecting political subdivisions
SB 262 - Changes provisions relating to alcohol
SB 263 - Makes the election of the Warren County emergency services board during the first yearly municipal election
SB 354 - Allows the State Highways Commission to revoke motor carrier registrations under certain circumstances
SB 355 - Makes changes in the law relating to agriculture and agricultural products
SB 467 - Modifies sections relating to solid waste
SB 468 - Allows for the creation or reorganized common sewer districts
SB 469 - Consolidates tax collection in counties having township organization by eliminating township collectors
SB 516 - Eliminates a provision in Section 99.847 allowing districts to receive reimbursement for emergency services
SB 554 - Creates licensing for business brokers
SCR 13 - Establishes the State Retirement Consolidation Commission
HB 58 - Modifies provisions relating to political subdivisions
HB 127 - Limits the number of attendance fees that fire protection district board members can receive
HB 209 - Authorizes the simplified municipal telecommunications business license tax
HB 261 - Creates two new retirement benefit options in the Local Government Employees' Retirement System (LAGERS)
HB 450 - Modifies provisions relating to wine
HB 461 - Requires all assessors to use a method of valuing business personal property according to State Tax Commission rule