Missouri State Senate

Bills Co-Sponsored by Senator Bray

SB 13 - Authorizes tax check-off for contributions to Missouri Military Family Relief Fund
SB 44 - Creates a tax deduction for organ donation
SB 203 - Adds young adult provisions to the Missouri Consolidated Health Care plan
SB 204 - Mandates insurance coverage for new phases of clinical trials undertaken for the treatment of cancer
SB 215 - Prohibits foreign ATM fees
SB 282 - Revises regulation of tax increment financing
SB 303 - Creates a commission to study the death penalty and imposes a temporary moratorium on executions in Missouri
SB 369 - Mandates inpatient insurance coverage for mastectomies and reconstructive surgeries
SB 370 - Prohibits homeowner insurers from cancelling or nonrenewing policies based upon claim inquiries
SB 371 - Prohibits gifts from lobbyists to members of the General Assembly and modifies legislator per diem
SB 372 - Provides for various measures relating to bicycle safety and the duties owed to bicyclists by motorists
SB 374 - Designates a portion of State Highway 370 as the "Officer Scott Armstrong Memorial Highway"
SB 379 - Sets standards for emergency care for rape victims
SB 417 - Extends voting rights to a student curator or governing board member of various higher education institutions
SB 458 - Requires pharmacists to fill prescriptions against religious beliefs unless an employer can accommodate a request not to do so
SB 504 - Creates the office of Inspector General within the Office of Administration
SB 505 - Creates penalties for imposing certain fees by a credit card issuer
SB 506 - Providees consumer protection for computerized personal information