Bills assigned to Small Business, Insurance & Industrial Relations


SB 1 - Loudon - Amends various provisions of workers' compensation law
SB 34 - Clemens - Amends the definition of employer and employment as it pertains to unemployment compensation
SB 43 - Days - Modifies laws regarding the use of credit scores by insurance companies
SB 55 - Klindt - Makes information collected in the course of an insurance compliance audit privileged information
SB 57 - Klindt - Exempts certain employees from holding a title insurance license
SB 59 - Dougherty - Prohibits use of genetic information and testing for insurance purposes
SB 72 - Griesheimer - Requires insurance companies to provide coverage for computerized prosthetic devices
SB 82 - Bray - Requires applicants for Medicaid and CHIPs to identify the proposed beneficiary's employer
SB 106 - Bray - Modifies law regarding residential property insurance
SB 110 - Dougherty - Requires health insurance reimbursement of certain licensed professional counselors at same rate as psychologists
SB 111 - Cauthorn - Broadens disqualifying misconduct in employment law and allows some individuals to waive the protections of the workers' compensation law for religious reasons
SB 130 - Clemens - Amends the definition of employer and employee as it pertains to workers compensation
SB 131 - Loudon - Allows insurance companies to invest capital, reserves, and surplus in preferred or guaranteed stocks
SB 137 - Taylor - Prohibits insurers from owning auto repair shops and prohibits the use of referral fees for using such shops
SB 145 - Dougherty - Prohibits use of posted inquiries in calculating credit risk scores
SB 151 - Green - Prohibits state senators and representatives from receiving state health insurance
SB 163 - Loudon - Amends various provisions regarding unemployment compensation
SB 166 - Green - Requires reporting by employers as to how many of its employees receive publically funded health care benefits
SB 182 - Scott - Requires liquefied petroleum gas dealers to maintain liability insurance
SB 185 - Loudon - Establishes the Open Contracting Act for state and local public works projects
SB 211 - Loudon - Extends certain rights with regard to sales commissions
SB 212 - Loudon - Allows commercial casualty insurance policies to exclude coverage for loss by fire caused by terrorism
SB 228 - Ridgeway - Requires health carriers to reimburse out-of-network chiropractors the same as other out-of-network providers
SB 244 - Scott - Prohibits health carriers from requiring applicants to submit tax information to obtain insurance coverage
SB 261 - Loudon - Creates certain requirements for the operation of the Missouri health insurance plan
SB 274 - Taylor - Regulates travel clubs
SB 277 - Bray - Allows small employers to obtain medical coverage through the Missouri Consolidated Health Care Plan
SB 291 - Mayer - Modifies prevailing wage law
SB 334 - Green - Add penalties for employing illegal aliens
SB 345 - Vogel - Creates provisions for transfer of ownership of a company and the employer's obligation for the unemployment experience
SB 349 - Green - Makes various changes relating to prevailing wage law
SB 369 - Dougherty - Mandates inpatient insurance coverage for mastectomies and reconstructive surgeries
SB 370 - Dougherty - Prohibits homeowner insurers from cancelling or nonrenewing policies based upon claim inquiries
SB 383 - Vogel - Abolishes the Motorist Insurance Identification Database Act
SB 384 - Scott - Authorizes an insurer to reserve the right to contest coverage
SB 412 - Taylor - Establishes the hazardous duty compensation act
SB 428 - Callahan - Requires insurance companies to discount insurance premiums by ten percent to senior citizens
SB 443 - Taylor - Prohibits title agencies from commingling certain funds and imposes other requirements on title insurers
SB 444 - Taylor - Requires housing contractors to establish escrow accounts to satisfy potential mechanics' liens
SB 456 - Nodler - Creates new provisions for the interaction of agencies and small business regarding rules
SB 459 - Green - Creates a tax deduction for small businesses and farmers that provide health insurance for employees
SB 460 - Koster - Increases the penalties for those who engage in fraudulant actions with respect to an insurance transaction
SB 492 - Kennedy - Requires drug testing for contractors and employees working at or near a school
SB 510 - Koster - Modifies some indebtedness programs for employers
SB 525 - Coleman - Requires health benefit plans to provide coverage for diagnostic testing services for chronic kidney disease patients
SB 533 - Shields - Additional penalty for persons placed on the employee disqualification list
SB 552 - Mayer - Allows the medical malpractice Joint Underwriting Association to issue various types of medical malpractice policies and refund surcharges
HB 69 - Rupp - Allows insurance companies to invest capital, reserves, and surplus in preferred or guaranteed stocks
HB 108 - Schaaf - Allows insureds or enrolles to pay customary retail price of a prescription drug if the retail price is lower than the health carrier's copay
HB 388 - Yates - Makes certain Department of Insurance records nonpublic
HB 394 - Byrd - Modifies law regarding medical malpractice insurance and malpractice associations
HB 417 - Yates - Establishes the Uninsured Motorist Stipulation of Benefits Act of 2005, allows insurers to claim self-audit privilege, and allows insurers to intervene to determine matters of coverage
HB 474 - Yates - Allows insurance companies to intervene in certain civil actions to determine coverage obligations
HB 500 - Smith - Changes the laws regarding the transfer of a business and its unemployment experience rate by an employer
HB 576 - Flook - Modifies the laws regarding the Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board and the procedures necessary for obtaining judicial review of administrative decisions
HB 866 - Wilson - Increases the penalties for those who engage in fraudulent actions with respect to an insurance transaction