Bills assigned to Rules, Joint Rules, Resolutions & Ethics


SCR 2 - Cauthorn - Expresses the gratitude and support of the Senate to faith-based and community organizations
SCR 3 - Crowell - Recognizing February 14th as Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day in Missouri
SCR 4 - Ridgeway - Encourages legislative support of increasing physical education programs in our public schools
SCR 5 - Mayer - Comprehensive Cancer Action Plan for Missouri
SCR 6 - Ridgeway - Supports the negotiations of a Taiwan-United States free trade agreement
SCR 7 - Loudon - Urges Congress to consider establishing the Chiropractic Center for Military Research at Logan College of Chiropractic
SCR 8 - Ridgeway - Expresses support for Taiwan to have an observer status in the World Health Organization
SCR 9 - Bray - Opposes restructuring the Social Security Trust Fund
SCR 10 - Scott - Urges PSC to adopt rules governing the application process telecommunication providers can be certified as "eligible telecomunications carriers"
SCR 11 - Green - Designates the month of March 2005 as Irish-American Heritage Month
SCR 12 - Koster - Urges Congress to establish a domestic energy policy that promotes greater energy efficiency
SCR 13 - Griesheimer - Establishes the State Retirement Consolidation Commission
SCR 14 - Purgason - Urges Congress to investigate the recent sharp rise in gasoline prices in the US and explore ways to reduce the price of gasoline, including utilization of alternate fuels
SCR 15 - Gibbons - Establishes the Medicaid Reform Commission
SCR 16 - Gross - Establishes the Joint Interim Committee on Tax Credits
SCR 17 - Scott - Creates the Joint Interim Committee on Investments in Higher Education Savings Programs
SCR 18 - Clemens - Creates the Interim Committee on Agriculture and Natural Resources Promotion and Development
SCR 19 - Stouffer - Creates the Joint Interim Committee on a Missouri Health Care Stabilization Fund
SR 150 - Shields - Modifies numerous Senate Rules
SR 448 - Engler - Urges Congress to adopt multi-emission legislation
SR 901 - Mayer - Urges Congress to adopt the Constitution Restoration Act of 2005
SR 1193 - Vogel - Establishes April as "Autism Awareness Month" in Missouri
HCR 9 - Bivins - Urges the United States Congress to immediately repeal the Government Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination Provision of the Social Security Act
HCR 11 - Sander - Encourages the Missouri Congressional Delegation to end the abuse of tort laws against the firearms industry.
HCR 15 - Baker - Urges the Governor, the U.S. President, and the U.S. Congress to oppose efforts to allow trucks to enter Missouri without prior inspection at the United States border
HCR 20 - Rupp - Declares October fifteenth of each year to be "Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day"
HCR 23 - Sutherland - Directs the Comprehensive Cancer Action Plan for Missouri be posted annually on the Missouri state Internet website homepage.
HCR 24 - Bowman Sr. - Encourages a mandated high school course in personal finance economics