Bills assigned to Governmental Accountability & Fiscal Oversight


SB 11 - Cauthorn - Certain state employees' compensation would automatically adjust according to the consumer price index level
SB 107 - Bray - The Office of Administration may only contract with telemarketers who operate in the United States
SB 120 - Bray - Establishes the Public Employee Due Process Act
SB 122 - Nodler - Creates the Energy Efficiency Implementation Act
SB 150 - Green - Creates the Public Service Accountability Act
SB 240 - Scott - Modifies numerous provisions regarding lobbying and campaign finance disclosure
SB 241 - Scott - Repeals requirement that lobbyists report on legislation they are supporting or opposing
SB 335 - Dougherty - Allows the Office of Administration to prohibit displays and signs in public areas of the state capitol
SB 367 - Cauthorn - Changes requirement for payment of overtime hours for nonexempt state employees
SB 398 - Graham - Requires fee agents to be appointed by the governor with the advice and consent of the senate
SB 434 - Cauthorn - Transfers appeal authority to the administrative hearing commission
SB 474 - Kennedy - Requires state tax commissioners to be state licensed real estate appraisers
SB 504 - Dougherty - Creates the office of Inspector General within the Office of Administration
SB 548 - Loudon - Replaces all state administrative departments' hearings with a new Office of Administration Hearings
SJR 2 - Klindt - Modifies the Budget Reserve Fund
SJR 9 - Clemens - Creates a two-year budget cycle
HB 192 - Sander - Reinstates the waste tire fee