Bills assigned to Commerce, Energy and the Environment


SB 5 - Klindt - Ensures adequate electric service to areas to be annexed
SB 6 - Klindt - Establishes the Missouri Alternative and Renewable Energy Technology Commission
SB 56 - Klindt - Amends and reinstates the waste tire fee
SB 124 - Nodler - Provides discretion to the Public Service Commission to permit recovery of costs by electrical corporations
SB 128 - Coleman - Requires consumers be notified of products containing radio frequency identification tags at the time of purchase
SB 132 - Ridgeway - Includes cell-phone users on the state's telemarketing no-call list
SB 148 - Nodler - Modifies the Land Reclamation Act
SB 179 - Griesheimer - Allows for utility companies to recover costs through alternate rate plans
SB 192 - Engler - Allows for the disposal of hazardous materials in certain circumstances
SB 205 - Klindt - Allows franchise fees to be used as credits
SB 218 - Klindt - Allows incumbent local exchange companies (ILECs) to be regulated under a price cap
SB 236 - Klindt - Provides for cost recovery for course materials for private applicators of pesticide
SB 237 - Klindt - Modifies various telecommunications regulations
SB 311 - Dolan - Permits certain utility companies to place their facilities with the rights-of-way on highways
SB 411 - Wilson - Adds people who use wireless cell phones to the telemarketing no call list
SB 413 - Taylor - Limits political subdivisions authority to grant franchises for cable operators
SB 437 - Bray - Regulates international matchmaking organizations
SB 462 - Klindt - Modifies acquisition of sewer or water corporations by public utilities
HB 640 - Pearce - Makes it a criminal offense to send certain unsolicited e-mail messages
HB 824 - Hobbs - Changes various environmental regulations