Pre-filed December 1, 2004, and ordered printed.

TERRY L. SPIELER, Secretary.



To repeal section 226.527, RSMo, and to enact in lieu thereof one new section relating to outdoor advertising.

Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of Missouri, as follows:

Section A. Section 226.527, RSMo, is repealed and one new section enacted in lieu thereof, to be known as section 226.527, to read as follows:

226.527. 1. On and after August 13, 1976, no outdoor advertising shall be erected or maintained beyond six hundred and sixty feet of the right-of-way, located outside of urban areas, visible from the main traveled way of the interstate or primary system and erected with the purpose of its message being read from such traveled way, except such outdoor advertising as is defined in subdivisions (1) and (2) of section 226.520.

2. No compensation shall be paid for the removal of any sign erected in violation of subsection 1 of this section unless otherwise authorized or permitted by sections 226.501 to 226.580. No sign erected prior to August 13, 1976, which would be in violation of this section if it were erected or maintained after August 13, 1976, shall be removed unless such removal is required by the Secretary of Transportation and federal funds required to be contributed to this state under section 131(g) of Title 23, United States Code, to pay compensation for such removal have been appropriated and allocated and are immediately available to this state, and in such event, such sign shall be removed pursuant to section 226.570.

3. In the event any portion of this chapter is found in noncompliance with Title 23, United States Code, section 131, by the Secretary of Transportation or his representative, and any portion of federal-aid highway funds or funds authorized for removal of outdoor advertising are withheld, or declared forfeited by the Secretary of Transportation or his representative, all removal of outdoor advertising by the Missouri state highways and transportation commission pursuant to this chapter shall cease, and shall not be resumed until such funds are restored in full. Such cessation of removal shall not be construed to affect compensation for outdoor advertising removed or in the process of removal pursuant to this chapter.

4. In addition to any applicable regulations set forth in sections 226.500 through 226.600, signs within an area subject to control by a local zoning authority and wherever located within such area shall be subject to reasonable regulations of that local zoning authority relative to size, lighting, spacing, and location; provided, however, that no local zoning authority shall have authority to require any sign within its jurisdiction which was lawfully erected and which is maintained in good repair to be removed without the payment of just compensation. The requirement by a local zoning authority that a legally erected outdoor advertising structure be removed or altered as a condition or prerequisite for the issuance or continued effectiveness of a permit, license, or other approval for any use, structure, development, or activity other than outdoor advertising, including a request for rezoning, constitutes a compelled removal or alteration, which is prohibited without the payment of just compensation as required by this subsection.

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