SB 240
Modifies numerous provisions regarding lobbying and campaign finance disclosure
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5/13/2005 - S Informal Calendar S Bills for Perfection
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August 28, 2005

Current Bill Summary

SB 240 - This act modifies provisions regarding lobbyist reporting requirements and campaign finance disclosure for public officials.

Reports of lobbyist activities are due no later than January 5th of each year or within five days after beginning activities as a lobbyist. Lobbyists are no longer required to make reports to the Missouri Ethics Commission on proposed legislation or action by the executive branch or judicial branch which the lobbyist or lobbyist principal supported or opposed.

Certain candidates for elective office are required to file financial interest statements no later than March 31st or within 10 days of filing for office, whichever is later for the preceding calendar year. Candidates for election in April shall file such statements by January 31st for the preceding calendar year. Candidates nominated by political caucus shall file such statements within 10 days of nomination. The Missouri Ethics Commission shall be the filing officer in any case where no filing officer is designated for the filing of a financial interest statement. Any document postmarked by midnight of the day designated for filing shall be deemed as timely filed.

The Commission is required to provide notice, not actual notice, of certain actions to the subject of a complaint filed with the Commission. Notice requirements are also modified regarding the assessment of late fees by the Commission. Appeals of actions of the Commission may be appealed to the circuit court of Cole County, rather than the administrative hearing commission.

Every committee which is required to file a statement of organization may exclude bank account numbers from the statement when the report is filed with an officer other than the Commission. All records of committee receipts and expenditures shall be available for inspection by the Commission, rather than the current campaign finance review board. Written reports are not required for any candidate whose officer for filing is the Commission if the report is filed electronically with the Commission.

The act reorganizes sections of law concerning reporting requirements for out-of-state committees and reporting requirements for candidates nominated by political party committees. Currently, continuing committees are required to file electronic reports if the committee makes contributions of more than $15,000. This act changes the amount to $5,000 and includes political party committees and campaign committees within this requirement.

The act provides that an individual who seeks nomination to a public office by nomination of a political party committee shall be subject to campaign finance disclosure requirements, with certain modifications relating to reporting dates. The act repeals a section of law that requires the Commission to print a summary of all laws over which the Commission has enforcement power.

This act is similar to SS#2/SCS/HS/HCS/HB 1150 (2004).