SB 357
Recodification of the Kansas City Police and Civilian Employees' Retirement System
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5/13/2005 - H Consent Calendar
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August 28, 2005
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Current Bill Summary

SB 357 - This act removes outmoded language and provisions

from the Kansas City Police and Civilian Employees' Retirement Systems.

The act adds definitions for "consultant" and "surviving spouse". (Section 86.900 and also as to civilians in Section 86.1310).

Section 86.1110 provides that a member of the plan may choose to purchase creditable service prior to retirement, rather than during the first two years of returning to police service.

Sections 86.1150 and 86.1640, explain that any member, police or civilian, convicted of a felony prior to separation from active service shall not be entitled to any benefit from the system except the return of the member's accumulated contributions.

This act is similar to HB 323 (2005).