SB 390 Allows vehicle dealers to provide disclaimers and disclosures by referring to the Internet and a toll-free number
2/21/2005 S First Read S259
2/28/2005 Second Read and Referred S Transportation Committee S304
3/8/2005 Hearing Conducted S Transportation Committee
3/15/2005 SCS Voted Do Pass S Transportation Committee-Consent (1541S.03C)
3/15/2005 Reported from S Transportation Committee to Floor w/SCS - Consent S458
3/31/2005 SCS S adopted S556
3/31/2005 S Third Read and Passed - Consent S556
4/1/2005 H First Read H841
4/4/2005 H Second Read H851
4/5/2005 Referred H Transportation Committee H880
4/13/2005 Hearing Conducted H Transportation Committee
4/13/2005 Voted Do Pass H Transportation Committee - Consent
4/13/2005 Reported Do Pass H Transportation Committee - Consent H1036
4/13/2005 Referred to Rules Committee pursuant to Rule 25(26)(f) H1036
4/14/2005 Hearing Conducted H Rules Committee
4/14/2005 Voted Do Pass BUT NOT CONSENT H Rules Committee (w/no time limit for debate)
4/15/2005 Reported Do Pass BUT NOT CONSENT H Rules Committee (w/no time limit for debate) H1078
5/3/2005 HA 1 H offered (Pratt) H1432
5/3/2005 HA 1 to HA 1 H offered & Ruled out of order (Burnett) H1432
5/3/2005 HA 1 H adopted H1432
5/3/2005 HA 2 H offered & defeated (Burnett) H1432-1433
5/3/2005 HA 3 H offered & adopted (Whorton) H1433
5/3/2005 H Third Read and Passed, as amended H1433-1434 / S978
5/10/2005 S refuses to concur in HAs 1 & 3 S1086-1087 / H1668
5/10/2005 S requests H recede or grant conference S1087 / H1668
5/11/2005 H refuses to recede and grants conference H1797 / S1259
5/11/2005 S conferees appointed: Taylor, Dolan, Stouffer, Callahan, Green S1261
5/12/2005 H conferees appointed: Pratt, Kraus, Wright 159, Whorton, Daus S1288 / H1838
5/12/2005 CCR S offered & adopted (1541L.05S) S1313
5/12/2005 CCS S Third Read and Passed S1313-1314 / H1929
5/12/2005 H submits CCR
5/13/2005 In Conference