SB 98 Changes the names of various higher education institutions
12/1/2004 Prefiled
1/5/2005 S First Read S31-32
1/12/2005 Second Read and Referred S Education Committee S75
1/18/2005 Hearing Conducted S Education Committee
1/25/2005 Voted Do Pass S Education Committee (0039S.06C)
2/10/2005 Reported from S Education Committee to Floor w/SCS S207
2/14/2005 SS for SCS S offered (Champion)--(0039S.10S) S219
2/14/2005 SA 1 to SS for SCS S offered (Days)--0039S10.117S S219-220
2/14/2005 Bill Placed on Informal Calendar S220
2/14/2005 SA 1 to SA 1 to SS for SCS S offered & withdrawn (Dolan)--0039S10.02FL S221
2/14/2005 SA 1 to SS for SCS S withdrawn S221
2/14/2005 SA 2 to SS for SCS S offered & adopted (Koster)--0039S10.01FL S221-222
2/14/2005 SA 3 to SS for SCS S offered & withdrawn(Days)--0039S10.01F S222
2/14/2005 SA 4 to SS for SCS S offered & adopted(Graham)--0039S10.158S S222-223
2/14/2005 SA 5 to SS for SCS S offered & adopted (Graham)--0039S10.03FL S223
2/14/2005 SS for SCS, as amended, S adopted S223
2/14/2005 Perfected S224
2/15/2005 Reported Truly Perfected S Rules Committee S228
2/16/2005 S Third Read and Passed S236-237
2/16/2005 H First Read H344
2/17/2005 H Second Read H348
2/17/2005 Referred H Higher Education Committee H358
2/22/2005 Hearing Conducted H Higher Education Committee
2/22/2005 Voted Do Pass Higher Education Committee
2/22/2005 Reported Do Pass H Higher Education Committee H380
2/22/2005 Referred to Rules Committee pursuant to Rule 25(26)(f) H380
2/23/2005 Hearing Conducted H Rules Committee
2/23/2005 Voted Do Pass H Rules Committee
2/23/2005 Reported Do Pass H Rules Committee (5 hours debate) H387
2/28/2005 HA 1 H offered & ruled out of order (Jolly) H414
2/28/2005 HA 2 H offered & ruled out order (Bringer) H414-415
2/28/2005 HA 3 H offered & defeated (Harris) H416-417
2/28/2005 HA 4 H offered & defeated (Baker) H417-418
2/28/2005 HA 5 H offered & defeated (Johnson) H418-420
2/28/2005 Laid over H420
3/1/2005 Taken up for Third Reading H429
3/1/2005 HA 6 H offered & defeated (Henke) H429
3/1/2005 HA 7 H offered & defeated (Robb) H429-431
3/1/2005 HA 8 H offered & defeated (Yates) H431-432
3/1/2005 Laid Over H432
3/1/2005 Taken up for Third Reading H433
3/1/2005 H Third Read and Passed H433-434
3/1/2005 Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed S326
3/2/2005 Reported Duly Enrolled S Rules Committee S335
3/2/2005 Signed by Senate President S335
3/2/2005 Signed by House Speaker H458 / S335
3/2/2005 Delivered to Governor S335
3/17/2005 Signed by Governor S497