- Perfected -

SCS/SB 757 - This act modifies the definition of "driveaway operation" and "driveaway operator" to include:

(1) The movement of any vehicle or vehicles, not owned by the transporter, constituting the commodity being transported, by a person engaged in the business of furnishing drivers and operators for the purpose of transporting vehicles in transit from one place to another by the drive away or tow away methods.

(2) The movement of a motor vehicle by any person who is lawfully engaged in the business of transporting or delivering vehicles that are not the person's own and vehicles of a type otherwise required to be registered, by the driveaway or towaway methods, from a point of manufacture, assembly or distribution or from the owner of the vehicles to a dealer or sales agent of a manufacturer or to any consignee designated by the shipper or consignor.

The act provides that driveaway license plates may only be used for the purpose of transporting vehicles in transit. Driveaway license plates may not be used by tow truck operators transporting wrecked, abandoned, improperly parked, or burned vehicles. The act extends the area for certain land improvement contractors' commercial motor vehicles from 25 miles to 50 miles.