Capitol Report
Senator Delbert Scott

For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release

May 14, 2004


A Productive Session Completed!

Much like the anticipated last day of school, 6:00 p.m. last Friday marked the conclusion of this yearís legislative session. These months of study, constituent meetings, research, bill hearings, and hours of debate have been quite productive but difficult.

Changes in our state statutes take time and much effort. The framers of our constitution understood this and deliberately put a system of checks and balances in place to offer every opportunity for study and deliberation before an idea could become law.

The Missouri House of Representatives is a body of consensus and the majority rules, while the Missouri Senate is often referred to as the body of compromise due to one of its rules, the filibuster. This allows any one senator to stop progress on any issue at any time as long as they have the energy and wind to speak. This often results in legislative give and take that might otherwise never happen. However, it can be a very frustrating tool when used in excess. Upon successful passage in both Houses, legislation requires the governorís approval and the veto of a governor can end the life of any proposed law.

††††††††††† The usual issue dominates most sessions due to its importance to the state. That is the successful passage of a balanced budget, but many other important issues met the muster to become law. This is just a partial list of a few bills that you may not have heard about and await the governorís signature:

  • SB 799 allows parents or siblings of a stillborn child to obtain a birth certificate.
  • SB 992 changes requirements for transporting anhydrous ammonia that will hopefully slow down the manufacture of methamphetamine.
  • SB 1279 creates a hospital acquired infection reporting system for the statewide documentation of staff infections.
  • HB 916 revises identity theft laws and creates the crime of trafficking in stolen identities.
  • SB 1160 establishes a state managed repository for donations of sealed prescription drugs for senior citizens and the disabled.
  • SB 740 makes certain agricultural tax credits more valuable in order to encourage agribusiness development.
  • HB 1115 prohibits filing obesity lawsuits against food manufacturers, distributors, and sellers.
  • SB 1000 expands the scope of Missouriís DNA Database to all felons and imposes added court costs to fund the management of a broadened DNA profiling program.

††††††††††† In the weeks and months ahead, I will be giving a more in depth view of legislative actions and other items of state interest. If you have questions or comments about one of these or any other piece of legislation please let us know. It is a true privilege to serve and represent you in Jefferson City and I want to thank you again for the opportunity.

††††††††††† You can contact my by phone at 573-751-8793 or by e-mail at