Missouri State Senate
Bills Co-Sponsored by Senator Days

SB 0745 - Modifies various provisions regarding foster care and protective services for children
SB 0746 - Modifies various provisions relating to lead abatement
SB 0795 - Establishes the "Missouri Universal Health Assurance Program" to provide health care benefits to all MO citizens
SB 0814 - Increases the number of one-year, renewable scholarships for minority students
SB 0838 - Limits judicial discretion where jury is unable to unanimously agree on the death penalty
SB 0877 - Gives the power of eminent domain to towns and villages in St. Louis County
SB 0878 - Extends experimental tarriffs already set by PSC to coincide with new termination date established in the act
SB 0912 - Modifies the law relating to license-exempt facilities for children
SB 0946 - Creates the crime of negligent storage of a firearm
SB 1006 - Designates a portiion of Missouri Route 364 in St. Louis County as the "Buzz Westfall Memorial Highway"
SB 1010 - Modifies Whistleblower Law
SB 1029 - Prohibits state contracts from being awarded to any contractor who performs the work outside the United States
SB 1030 - Requires applicants for Medicaid and CHIPs to identify the proposed beneficiary's employer
SB 1031 - Proposes several measures relating to bicycle safety
SB 1045 - Makes it a crime to burn a cross with the intent to intimidate any person or group of persons
SB 1072 - Establishes the "Hope Scholarship Program"
SB 1080 - Amends certain policies with regard to MAP testing
SB 1082 - Creates the Division of Network Efficiency within the Office of Administration
SB 1095 - Creates the Health Care for Missouri's People Program for the uninsured and under-insured
SB 1101 - The president of the University of Missouri shall not serve as the chancellor of any campus in the system
SB 1151 - Requires health carriers to provide coverage for mental health conditions in same manner as physical conditions
SB 1158 - Creates the "Women's Right To Know Act"
SB 1164 - Disallows the deduction for property tax paid to another state on nonresident income tax returns
SB 1172 - Authorizes the Secretary of State to open and maintain an archival facility in St. Louis
SB 1186 - Requires motor vehicle dealers to display buyers guide and obtain used care buyer's acknowledgment of its receipt
SB 1210 - Creates crimes concerning human trafficking
SB 1222 - Allows for compensatory time in lieu of overtime pay in certain situations
SB 1292 - Requires safe staffing and quality care in all veterans homes and mental health facilities
SB 1293 - Revises various provisions of the Workers' Compensation Law
SB 1314 - Creates provisions concerning domestic assult
SB 1330 - Modifies the law relating to the establishment of paternity
SCR 027 - Urges Congress to reject any recommendations to base postal services on profit seeking motives
SCR 028 - Urges the President of the United States to lift the ban on Canadian pharmaceuticals

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