Missouri State Senate
Bills Co-Sponsored by Senator Bartle

SB 0736 - Establishes the Open Contracting Act for state and local public works projects
SB 0806 - Removes the aggregate cap for the adoption tax credit program
SB 1045 - Makes it a crime to burn a cross with the intent to intimidate any person or group of persons
SB 1080 - Amends certain policies with regard to MAP testing
SB 1082 - Creates the Division of Network Efficiency within the Office of Administration
SB 1099 - Implements the Tax Credit Accountability Act
SB 1147 - Creates the crime of escape from commitment for sexually violent predators
SB 1160 - Establishes the Prescription Drug Repository Program within the Department of Health and Senior Services
SB 1253 - Clarifies the definition of "city" in relation to urban redevelopment
SB 1397 - Prohibits the carrying of concealed weapons at school events or at a school facility
SCR 030 - Relating to printing and binding copies of the acts and resolutions of the 92nd General Assembly, 2nd Reg. Session
SCR 037 - Establishes the Joint Interim Committee on Teacher Support, Regulatory Reduction and Accountability
SJR 024 - Preserving the right of Missouri citizens to harvest wild bird, fish and game
SJR 029 - Amends Constitution to state that only marriages between a man and a woman will be valid in this state
SJR 041 - Removes the Governor's recommendations for revenue bills from the Constitution

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