Missouri State Senate
Bills sponsored by Senator Russell

SB 0700 - Creates an enterprise zone in Laclede County
SB 0701 - Exempts public employees from union membership, prohibits payroll deductions and requirement of service fees
SB 0702 - Requires University of Missouri board of curators to make policy decisions by means of a roll-call vote
SB 0777 - Places an aggregate cap on all tax credits and establishes a commission to allocate the credits
SB 0778 - Modifies the historic preservation tax credit
SB 0779 - Prohibits the issuance of special overwidth permits for manufactured homes in certain circumstances
SB 0833 - Restricts the right to marry to persons eighteen years of age or older
SB 0834 - Allows recognition of bargaining unit upon approval of majority of state employees in unity
SB 0947 - Creates requirements for orders and ordinances of political subdivisions relating to amateur radio antennas
SB 1126 - Revises various provisions of the employment security law
SB 1165 - Repeals the Shannon County Tourism Tax
SB 1198 - Repeals the employer withholding bonus
SB 1227 - Authorizes construction and renovation projects for institutions of higher education
SCR 035 - Names a building at the Southeast Missouri Mental Health Center the "Danny Staples Building"
HB 0826 - Designates a portion of Highway A the Laura Ingalls Wilder Memorial Highway
HB 1002 - Appropriations for elementary and secondary education
HB 1003 - Appropriations for higher education
HB 1004 - Appropriations for the departments of revenue and transportation
HB 1005 - Appropriations for the office of administration
HB 1006 - Appropriations for the departments of agriculture, natural resources and conservation
HB 1007 - Appropriations for the departments of economic development, insurance, and labor and industrial relations
HB 1008 - Appropriations for the department of public safety
HB 1009 - Appropriations for the department of corrections
HB 1010 - Appropriations for the departments of mental health and health
HB 1011 - Appropriations for the department of social services
HB 1012 - Appropriations for elected officials, the judiciary, public defender and the general assembly
HB 1014 - Appropriates money for supplemental purposes for the several departments and offices of state government
HB 1021 - To appropriate money for planning, expenses, and for capital improvements
HCR 005 - Disapproves the proposed amendment to 1 CSR 10-4.010 rel. to the State of Missouri Vendor Payroll Deductions

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