Missouri State Senate
Bills sponsored by Senator Champion

SB 0761 - Renames Southwest Missouri State University as Missouri State University
SB 0762 - Modifies various provisions relating to foster care and protective services for children
SB 0961 - Creates requirements for orders and ordinances of political subdivisions relating to amateur radio antennas
SB 1016 - Modifies Sunshine Law regarding electronic public meetings and records
SB 1017 - Creates the crime of failing to obey the lawful order of a law enforcement officer
SB 1018 - Requires the Children's Division to arrange a team meeting before a child is placed in protective custody
SB 1249 - Codifies Executive Order 03-27 into statute by expanding the preference given by state bodies to Missouri businesses
SB 1302 - Authorizes the Board of Governors of Southwest Missouri State University to convey land
SB 1305 - Authorizes issuance of bonds for life sciences projects for institutions of higher education
SB 1343 - Modifies the expiration of enterprise zones
SB 1344 - Modifies the procedure of the Joint Committee on Economic Development Policy and Planning
HB 0852 - Prohibits immunizations and dental restorations containing mercury after January 1, 2005
HB 0960 - Designates a portion of U.S. Highway 60 as the Trooper Russell Harper Memorial Highway
HB 1613 - Authorizes the conveyance of certain pieces of state property
HB 1631 - Eliminates requiring county superintendents of public welfare to provide supervision for parolees

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