Missouri State Senate
Bills sponsored by Senator Loudon

SB 0736 - Establishes the Open Contracting Act for state and local public works projects
SB 0737 - Refines various provisions of employment security
SB 0738 - Modifies laws relating to abortion services
SB 0805 - Establishes mandated health benefit review commission and eliminates certain mandates from health policies
SB 0806 - Removes the aggregate cap for the adoption tax credit program
SB 0807 - Authorizes special motion to dismiss in Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation (SLAPP)
SB 0854 - Allows parents to refuse to vaccinate their children in certain circumstances
SB 0855 - Allows the transportation commission to construct toll roads
SB 0856 - Modifies various provisions of the workers' compensation law
SB 0926 - Authorizes the Joint Committee on Gaming & Wagering to solicit bids for university study of pathological gambling
SB 0927 - Prohibits reassessment of previously assessed real property and improvements until a transfer of ownership occurs
SB 0928 - Allows survivors of peace officers and firemen killed in the line of duty to receive special license plates
SB 0930 - Allows the state to order medical examination for Second Injury claims and modifies admissibility of medical reports
SB 0931 - Requires appointment of St. Louis City Circuit Clerk
SB 0932 - Removes the salaries of elected officials from those not considered wages for unemployment benefits
SB 0990 - Establishes a electrical contractors license
SB 1077 - Allows commercial casualty insurance policies to exclude coverage for loss by fire caused by terrorism
SB 1078 - Modifies the criteria used for issuing extraordinary dividends by certain insurance holding companies
SB 1113 - Revises registration and duties of notaries public
SB 1114 - Extends the expiration date of a section relating to removal of nuisances
SB 1115 - Establishes new registration procedures for street rods and custom vehicles
SB 1141 - Changes procedures for the formation of certain levee districts
SB 1188 - Modifies the law regarding annuity contracts
SB 1235 - Modifies insurance laws with respect to reinsurance and liquidation
SB 1286 - Provides that the Department shall not require by rule any immunizations that are not specified in Section 167.181
SB 1298 - Exempts certain transactions with interstate compact agencies from tax
SB 1299 - Raises the liability limits on residential insurance policies issued by the FAIR plan from $100,000 to $200,000
SB 1300 - Prohibits the sheltering of certain assets by individuals in long-term care facilities
SB 1381 - Prohibits recovery of noneconomic damages for injuries incurred during certain motor vehicle violations
SB 1400 - Allows practice of physical therapy on animals with prescription from a veterinarian
SJR 031 - Amends the Constitution to allow the Commission to design, acquire, construct, maintain and operate toll facilities
SR 1878 - Urges Congress to adopt HR 3799 or S 2082
HB 0884 - Permits property and casualty insurers who offer automobile coverage to include comprehensive and collision coverage
HB 0938 - Modifies the requirements for annuity contracts
HB 1114 - Creates special license plates for relatives of firefighters and peace officers killed or injured in line of duty
HB 1193 - Revises procedures and requirements for notaries public
HB 1198 - Modifies the criteria used for issuing extraordinary dividends by certain insurance holding companies
HB 1207 - Modifies procedures for formation of certain levee districts
HB 1253 - Modifies insurance laws with respect to reinsurance, liquidation and FAIR Plan limits
HB 1268 - Modifies numerous provisions of the Missouri Employment Security Law
HB 1278 - Revises health insurance provisions to make them compliant with HIPAA and creates premium tax on certain policies
HB 1572 - Relates to certification procedures for minority and women's business enterprises which are domiciled in other states

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