Missouri State Senate
Bills sponsored by Senator Dougherty

SB 0745 - Modifies various provisions regarding foster care and protective services for children
SB 0746 - Modifies various provisions relating to lead abatement
SB 0747 - Prohibits use of genetic information and testing for insurance purposes
SB 0814 - Increases the number of one-year, renewable scholarships for minority students
SB 0815 - Allows the Department of Health to investigate complaints of air quality in public schools
SB 0816 - Allows foster children to receive a tuition and fee waiver to state-funded colleges or universities
SB 0863 - Repeals the $500 gambling boat loss limit
SB 0864 - Creates a tax credit for lead abatement and a dollar check-off for the Childhood Lead Testing Fund
SB 0865 - Allows the board of the St. Louis Public Schools to shift their compulsory attendance age range
SB 0912 - Modifies the law relating to license-exempt facilities for children
SB 0913 - Modifies and creates new provisions about identity theft
SB 0914 - Increases the foster care reimbursement and the adoption subsidy rates over a four-year period
SB 0915 - Modifies recording fees and their use
SB 0916 - Creates a cause of action for those adjudicated innocent following DNA testing
SB 0917 - Mandates insurance coverage for new phases of clinical trials undertaken for the treatment of cancer
SB 0918 - Mandates insurance coverage for certain prostate examinations
SB 0974 - Modifies the State Legal Expense Fund
SB 0975 - Seeks to permit certain private vocational and technical schools to receive A+ reimbursements
SB 0991 - Prohibits use of posted inquiries in calculating credit risk scores
SB 1010 - Modifies Whistleblower Law
SB 1011 - Requires health insurance reimbursement of certain licensed professional counselors at same rate as psychologists
SB 1072 - Establishes the "Hope Scholarship Program"
SB 1073 - Alters criteria for being deemed a "permanent teacher"
SB 1146 - Regulates the use of traffic-control devices known as "Traffic Signal Preemption Systems"
SB 1147 - Creates the crime of escape from commitment for sexually violent predators
SB 1148 - Creates the Children's Environmental Health and Protection Advisory Council
SB 1149 - Ensures that individuals placed on the Child Abuse and Neglect Registry receive sufficient due process
SB 1222 - Allows for compensatory time in lieu of overtime pay in certain situations
SB 1223 - Allows guardian ad litems to receive fees for adoption proceedings
SB 1224 - Modifies provisions relating to homeless youth and qualified minors
SB 1225 - Increases the maximum allowable compensation for St. Louis police officers
SB 1247 - Includes certain pro bono attorneys in legal expense fund
SB 1255 - Authorizes advanced practice nurses to prescribe certain controlled substances
SB 1334 - Amends the offense of distributing a controlled substance near schools to include long-term and child care facilities
SB 1335 - Modifies the taxes for community services for children
SCR 045 - Establishes April as Literacy month in Missouri
SR 1877 - Health Care USA and its corporate "good citizenship" to address lead poisoning

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