Missouri State Senate
Bills sponsored by Senator Yeckel

SB 0718 - Creates the Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board to serve as liaison between agencies and small businesses
SB 0719 - Creates the Missouri Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association
SB 0720 - Allows a tax deduction for those who contribute to medical savings accounts
SB 0790 - Modifies the penalty for physicians who perform abortions
SB 0791 - Allows a tax credit for persons who contribute to pregnancy resource centers
SB 0792 - Extends a homestead assessment freeze to all property, except when it changes hands
SB 0844 - Authorizes surgical comanagement arrangements
SB 0845 - Establishes the Grand Army of the Republic Veterans' Memorial Highway and the Missouri State Park Board
SB 0846 - Modifies licensing of dietitians
SB 0933 - Creates "Missouri Higher Education Deposit Program"
SB 1014 - Prohibits requiring St. Louis police officers to reside within the city after four years of employment
SB 1038 - Revises banking laws and creates the "Missouri Higher Education Deposit Program"
SB 1039 - Regulates the licensing of naturopathic physicians
SB 1175 - Modifies provisions relating to jury service
SB 1181 - Modifies licensure for physical therapists and physical therapy assistants
SB 1241 - Alters charter school laws
SB 1269 - Modifies various local tax laws
SB 1270 - Regulates the operation of motor scooters
SB 1277 - Provides for licensing of private fire investigators
SB 1278 - Requires licensure for amusement machine operators
SB 1328 - Requires a purpose clause in each bill filed in the General Assembly
SB 1365 - Creates the Veterans' Historical Education Trust Fund and encourages the development of other veterans' programs
SB 1366 - Prohibits any entity from preventing a student athlete from competing in or training for certain sports
SB 1367 - Makes certain students eligible for in-state tuition, regardless of their immigration status
SCR 043 - Establishes the Interim Committee on Violent Crime
SCR 044 - Establishes the Joint Interim Committee on Complementary and Alternative Medicine Policy
SJR 025 - Removes portion of the Missouri Constitution which prohibits distribution of state funds to religious organizations
SJR 026 - Removes provison of Constitution limiting distribution of funds to any church, religion, or any preacher or teacher
SR 1451 - Establishes the Interim Committee on Violent Crime
HB 0928 - Revises law on intermediate driver's license with respect to effect of expiration on a weekend or legal holiday
HB 0955 - Revises the requirements for licensure of dieticians
HB 0959 - Revises banking laws, creates "Missouri Higher Education Deposit Program" and modifies identity theft
HB 0978 - Creates the Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board to serve as liaison between state agencies and small
HB 1195 - Makes changes to provisions relating to professional registration

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