HB 0996 (Truly Agreed) Adds the frame to the list of items that the Missouri State Highway Patrol must inspect annually on school busses
Current Bill Summary
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SCS/HB 996 & HB 1142 & HCS/HB 1201 & HB 1489 - This act amends various laws pertaining to motor vehicles.

SCHOOL BUS FRAMES - This act requires the State Highway Patrol to include the frames on school buses as part of the annual school bus inspection. This act is similar to HB 996 and SB 899 (2004).

LOW-SPEED VEHICLES - This act allows operators of low-speed vehicles to use public highways under certain conditions. According to federal regulations, a low- speed vehicle is a four-wheeled vehicle whose top speed is greater than 20 mph but less than 25 mph. All low-speed vehicles must be manufactured in compliance with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards. A low-speed vehicle shall not be operated on a street or highway with a posted speed limit greater than 35 mph. A low-speed vehicle shall be exempt from inspection and emission testing, but must comply with the federal standards. Every operator of a low-speed vehicle shall maintain financial responsibility as required under Chapter 303, RSMo. Every operator of a low-speed vehicle must have a driver's license. City and counties may promulgate ordinances which are more stringent than this act. These provisions were contained in HB 1142 and SB 771 (2004) and SB 594 and HB 327 (2003)(Section 304.029).

REMOVAL OF JUNK VEHICLES BY KANSAS CITY - This act allows Kansas City to adopt by ordinance regulations for the removal and sale of abandoned property by requiring:

(1) That the Department of Revenue records must be searched to determine ownership of the abandoned property;

(2) Notification to the owner by mail advising of the towing and impoundment;

(3) That if vehicles are older than six years and more than 50% damaged by collision, fire, or decay that are valued at less than $200, be held at least 10 days before being sold to a licensed salvage or scrap business (if title is required, then an affidavit from a certified appraiser stating that the vehicle's value is less than $200); and

(4) All other vehicles be held at least 30 days before being sold.

PASSENGERS ON ATVS - This act modifies the definition of ATVs and allows passengers to ride on ATVs if the seat of such vehicles are designed to carry more than one person. The ATV definition is modified by increasing the unladen dry weight of an ATV from 600 pounds to 1,000 pounds and by providing that an ATV may be a vehicle with a seat designed to carry more than one person. This provision is contained in HB 1489 and SB 1088 (2004) and was contained in the Truly Agreed To version of HB 327 and HB 598 (2003).

EXEMPTIONS FROM EMISSIONS PROCESS - This act also exempts certain vehicles which are manufactured 26 years or more to the current model from the emissions process. These provisions are identical to those contained in SB 900 (2004).

BUMPER HEIGHTS - This act amends the current Missouri bumper height law to include vehicles with a gross vehicle rating (GVWR) over 9001 pounds to a gross vehicle rating of 11,500 pounds. The maximum front bumper height would be 29 inches and the maximum of the rear bumper height would be 31 inches. This provision is contained in SB 894 (2004).

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