Missouri State Senate
Bills assigned to Small Business, Insurance & Industrial Relations

HB 0844 - Mayer - Establishes the Open Contracting Act for state and public works projects
HB 0884 - Ward - Permits property and casualty insurers who offer automobile coverage to include comprehensive and collision coverage
HB 1090 - Bishop - Allows property insurance for real estate transferred by beneficiary deed to automatically continue with the grantee
HB 1160 - Parker - Modifies the law regarding health insurance mandate for phenylketonuria and other related diseases
HB 1198 - Richard - Modifies the criteria used for issuing extraordinary dividends by certain insurance holding companies
HB 1233 - Dixon - Allows public entities to acquire subrogation rights under a self-insurance plan
HB 1253 - Luetkemeyer - Modifies insurance laws with respect to reinsurance, liquidation and FAIR Plan limits
HB 1268 - Smith (118) - Modifies numerous provisions of the Missouri Employment Security Law
HB 1278 - Luetkemeyer - Revises health insurance provisions to make them compliant with HIPAA and creates premium tax on certain policies
HB 1285 - Engler - Modifies law regarding auto insurance with respect to car rental companies and the Transportation Commission
HB 1305 - Byrd - Modifies the law regarding medical malpractice insurance regarding the setting of rates, cancellation of policies etc
HB 1572 - St. Onge - Relates to certification procedures for minority and women's business enterprises which are domiciled in other states
HB 1614 - Holand - Creates a sunset date of January 1, 2011 for the Mental Health and Chemical Dependency Insurance Act
SB 0701 - Russell - Exempts public employees from union membership, prohibits payroll deductions and requirement of service fees
SB 0705 - Caskey - Requires insurers to provide coverage for hearing aids for children
SB 0719 - Yeckel - Creates the Missouri Medical Malpractice Joint Underwriting Association
SB 0722 - Jacob - Increases length of revocation periods and amount of liability insurance that must be carried by certain drivers
SB 0734 - Foster - Refines various provisions of employment security
SB 0736 - Loudon - Establishes the Open Contracting Act for state and local public works projects
SB 0737 - Loudon - Refines various provisions of employment security
SB 0742 - Cauthorn - Broadens disqualifying misconduct in employment law by including conduct outside of work
SB 0743 - Cauthorn - Allows individuals to prospectively waive the protections of the Workers' Compensation Law for religious reasons
SB 0747 - Dougherty - Prohibits use of genetic information and testing for insurance purposes
SB 0753 - Coleman - Creates the mobile home landlord and tenant rights act
SB 0773 - Bray - Modifies law regarding residential property insurance
SB 0795 - Bland - Establishes the "Missouri Universal Health Assurance Program" to provide health care benefits to all MO citizens
SB 0805 - Loudon - Establishes mandated health benefit review commission and eliminates certain mandates from health policies
SB 0809 - Klindt - Makes information collected in the course of an insurance compliance audit privileged information
SB 0829 - Bray - Makes various modifications in regard to due process of public employees
SB 0834 - Russell - Allows recognition of bargaining unit upon approval of majority of state employees in unity
SB 0843 - Childers - Allows some political subdivisions to exempt themselves from the state prevailing wage upon voter approval
SB 0856 - Loudon - Modifies various provisions of the workers' compensation law
SB 0873 - Bray - Makes various modifications to employee wage laws
SB 0881 - Bland - Requires parity between insurance coverage for mental health services and other health care services
SB 0883 - Klindt - Re-enacts legislation repealed by a prior unconstitutional bill
SB 0906 - Foster - Allows health carriers to offer one or more health plans which contain deductibles, coinsurance or other options
SB 0907 - Klindt - Changes numerous state employee workplace provisions
SB 0908 - Cauthorn - Creates the Missouri Medical Malpractice Mutual Insurance Company Act
SB 0910 - Bland - Requires insurers to offer optional coverage for weight reduction counseling services
SB 0917 - Dougherty - Mandates insurance coverage for new phases of clinical trials undertaken for the treatment of cancer
SB 0918 - Dougherty - Mandates insurance coverage for certain prostate examinations
SB 0929 - Wheeler - Allows Kansas City to prohibit landlords from throwing away tenant property on rights-of-ways and streets
SB 0930 - Loudon - Allows the state to order medical examination for Second Injury claims and modifies admissibility of medical reports
SB 0932 - Loudon - Removes the salaries of elected officials from those not considered wages for unemployment benefits
SB 0966 - Shields - Establishes requirements a temporary help firm employee must follow before claiming unemployment benefits
SB 0983 - Quick - Creates a transfer process upon death for manufactured home owners
SB 0990 - Loudon - Establishes a electrical contractors license
SB 1011 - Dougherty - Requires health insurance reimbursement of certain licensed professional counselors at same rate as psychologists
SB 1035 - Steelman - Proposes a "any willing provider" law which prohibits health insurers from discriminating against certain providers
SB 1036 - Steelman - Prohibits health carriers from changing health services codes without the permission of the physician
SB 1050 - Bray - Requires access to medical treatment for injuries received during employment with a railroad company
SB 1067 - Bland - Establishes the Missouri Universal Health Assurance Program to provide health care benefits to all Missouri citizens
SB 1077 - Loudon - Allows commercial casualty insurance policies to exclude coverage for loss by fire caused by terrorism
SB 1078 - Loudon - Modifies the criteria used for issuing extraordinary dividends by certain insurance holding companies
SB 1086 - Cauthorn - Restricts lenders from requiring borrowers to obtain home owners insurance exceeding the property's replacement value
SB 1095 - Goode - Creates the Health Care for Missouri's People Program for the uninsured and under-insured
SB 1096 - Caskey - Relating to regulating the installation of manufactured homes
SB 1126 - Russell - Revises various provisions of the employment security law
SB 1151 - Steelman - Requires health carriers to provide coverage for mental health conditions in same manner as physical conditions
SB 1173 - Days - Modifies law regarding the use of credit information by insurance companies
SB 1179 - Steelman - Modifies provisions relating to medical malpractice insurance
SB 1204 - Cauthorn - Prohibits any contractor to bid on or perform work where the bid includes any wage subsidies or rebates
SB 1215 - Griesheimer - Allows public entities to acquire recover payments made for health care benefits made under a self-insurance plan
SB 1222 - Dougherty - Allows for compensatory time in lieu of overtime pay in certain situations
SB 1235 - Loudon - Modifies insurance laws with respect to reinsurance and liquidation
SB 1245 - Wheeler - Allows physicians to jointly negotiate with certain health carriers
SB 1248 - Callahan - Establishes certain employment rights of emergency response personnel aimed at preventing strikes
SB 1261 - Dolan - Expands "occupational diseases" within Workers' Compensation
SB 1266 - Kennedy - Includes unborn children within the definition of "children" for eligibility in CHIPs
SB 1291 - Days - Requires state employee health care plan premiums to be based on the employee's salary
SB 1293 - Bray - Revises various provisions of the Workers' Compensation Law
SB 1299 - Loudon - Raises the liability limits on residential insurance policies issued by the FAIR plan from $100,000 to $200,000
SB 1300 - Loudon - Prohibits the sheltering of certain assets by individuals in long-term care facilities
SB 1301 - Bray - Requires medical malpractice insurance rates to be approved by the Director of the Department of Insurance
SB 1319 - Shields - Modifies the law regarding health insurance coverage for chiropractic care
SB 1362 - Griesheimer - Requires insurance companies to provide coverage for computerized prosthetic devices
SB 1385 - Scott - Places an annual one dollar disaster mitigation fee on most residential and business insurance policies within the state
SB 1399 - Kennedy - Allows health insurance carriers to discontinue small employer health benefit plans under certain conditions

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