Missouri State Senate
Bills Co-Sponsored by Senator Scott

SB 0761 - Renames Southwest Missouri State University as Missouri State University
SB 1027 - Makes changes to the bail bondsmen and surety recovery agents licensing provisions
SB 1048 - Revises proof of property taxes procedure for motor vehicles registration for certain tax-exempt organizations
SB 1071 - Defines "next friend" for a minor's consent to an abortion
SB 1080 - Amends certain policies with regard to MAP testing
SB 1082 - Creates the Division of Network Efficiency within the Office of Administration
SB 1132 - Establishes predetermination of prudence for utility infrastructure investments
SB 1305 - Authorizes issuance of bonds for life sciences projects for institutions of higher education
SB 1324 - Repeals the sovereign immunity waiver imposed on multi-state compact agencies agencies for proprietary functions
SB 1341 - Revises the purposes for which monies in the county sheriff's revolving fund can be spent
SB 1371 - Closes the drug benefit coverage gap that was created due to the enactment of the Medicare Act of 2003
SCR 024 - Expresses the gratitude and support of the Senate to faith-based and community organizations
SCR 025 - Urges Congress to repeal the federal Government Pension Offset and Windfall Elimination Provision
SJR 024 - Preserving the right of Missouri citizens to harvest wild bird, fish and game
SJR 029 - Amends Constitution to state that only marriages between a man and a woman will be valid in this state
SJR 041 - Removes the Governor's recommendations for revenue bills from the Constitution
SR 1878 - Urges Congress to adopt HR 3799 or S 2082

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