Missouri State Senate
Bills Co-Sponsored by Senator Loudon

SB 0718 - Creates the Small Business Regulatory Fairness Board to serve as liaison between agencies and small businesses
SB 0735 - Establishes the Missouri State Park Board
SB 0761 - Renames Southwest Missouri State University as Missouri State University
SB 0791 - Allows a tax credit for persons who contribute to pregnancy resource centers
SB 0933 - Creates "Missouri Higher Education Deposit Program"
SB 1048 - Revises proof of property taxes procedure for motor vehicles registration for certain tax-exempt organizations
SB 1071 - Defines "next friend" for a minor's consent to an abortion
SB 1080 - Amends certain policies with regard to MAP testing
SB 1081 - Permits contractors to resolve lawsuits without litigation
SB 1094 - Enacts various tort reform measures
SB 1160 - Establishes the Prescription Drug Repository Program within the Department of Health and Senior Services
SB 1172 - Authorizes the Secretary of State to open and maintain an archival facility in St. Louis
SB 1204 - Prohibits any contractor to bid on or perform work where the bid includes any wage subsidies or rebates
SB 1266 - Includes unborn children within the definition of "children" for eligibility in CHIPs
SB 1361 - Alters the state's tax structure and establishes a new means of distributing education funds
SB 1371 - Closes the drug benefit coverage gap that was created due to the enactment of the Medicare Act of 2003
SB 1397 - Prohibits the carrying of concealed weapons at school events or at a school facility
SJR 041 - Removes the Governor's recommendations for revenue bills from the Constitution

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