SB 1032 Consoldates the "academically deficient schools" and "priority schools" school accountability measures
LR Number:3834S.01I Fiscal Note:3834-01
Last Action:02/05/04 - SCS Voted Do Pass S Education Committee (3834S.02C) Journal page:
Title:SCS SB 1032
Effective Date:August 28, 2004
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Current Bill Summary

SCS/SB 1032 - This act deletes the provisions of the "academically deficient schools" statue and alter the "priority schools" statue in an attempt to consolidate the two school accountability measures.

The new school accountability language directs the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) to identify as a priority school any school that fails to meet acceptable standards of student achievement established by the state board of education and based upon certain factors specified within the act. The Board of Education of any district that contains a priority school shall submit a comprehensive school improvement plan that provides for:

-Identification of the areas of academic deficiency in student performance on the MAP by disaggregating scores based upon certain criteria, as specified in the act;

-Implementation of research-based strategies to assist the priority school in addressing the areas of deficiency;

-Alignment of the priority school's curriculum to address deficiencies in student achievement;

-Reallocation of district resources to address the areas of academic deficiency; and

-Listing of all schools declared to be priority schools in the district's annual school accountability report.

The state board of education may appoint a team to conduct an educational audit of any priority school to determine the factors that have contributed to the lack of student achievement.

The act sets up procedures and time lines for districts that are mandated to complete comprehensive school improvement plans.

The act allows DESE to withhold formula funds from any school district that fails to submit a comprehensive school improvement plan based upon the standards and time lines established by the act until such district submits their improvement plan.

The provisions of this act are included in the truly agreed to and finally passed HCS/SB 1080.