SB 0738 Modifies laws relating to abortion services
01/07/04S First Read S8
01/08/04Second Read and Referred S Judiciary and Civil & S78
Criminal Jurisprudence Committee
01/21/04Hearing Conducted S Judiciary and Civil & Criminal
Jurisprudence Committee
02/02/04SCS Voted Do Pass (SCS SBs 738 & 790) S Judiciary &
Civil & Criminal Jurisprudence Committee (3138S.04C)
03/04/04Reported from S Judiciary & Civil & Criminal S546
Jurisprudence Committee to Floor w/SCS
03/17/04Bill Placed on Informal Calendar S679
04/01/04SS for SCS S offered (Loudon) (3138S.06F) S821
04/01/04SA 1 to SCS S offered & defeated (Bray) S821
04/01/04SA 2 to SCS S offered & withdrawn (Bray) S821-822