SB 1091 Alters provisions of the law regarding junior college districts
01/15/04S First Read S115
01/26/04Second Read and Referred S Education Committee S159
03/09/04Hearing Conducted S Education Committee
03/09/04SCS Voted Do Pass S Education Committee-Consent
03/15/04Reported From S Education Committee to S635
to Floor w/SCS - Consent
03/30/04Motion to adopt SCS S withdrawn S737
03/31/04SCS S adopted S782
03/31/04S Third Read and Passed - Consent S782-783
03/31/04H First Read H888
04/01/04H Second Read H904
04/01/04Referred H Elections Committee H907
04/13/04Hearing Conducted H Elections Committee
04/15/04HCS Voted Do Pass H Elections Committee - Consent
04/22/04HCS Reported Do Pass H Elections Committee-Consent H1195
05/04/04HCS H adopted H1401
05/04/04H Third Read and Passed - Consent S1245 / H1402
05/07/04S concurs in HCS S1379
05/07/04S Third Read and Passed S1379 / H1638
05/07/04Truly Agreed to and Finally Passed S1379
05/20/04Reported Duly Enrolled S Rules Committee S1654
05/20/04Signed by Senate President Pro Tem S1655
05/20/04Signed by House Speaker H2029
05/20/04Delivered to Governor S1655
06/25/04Signed by Governor