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SB 616 - Subsection 4 of Section 355.176, RSMo, which provides where suits against non-profit corporations may be commenced, was repealed by the General Assembly in SB 768 (1996). The Missouri Supreme Court then found that bill to be in violation of the clear title requirement in the Constitution. Thus, the venue provisions for suits against non-profit corporations were never repealed and are still part of our laws. However, once SB 768 passed, the Revisor of Statutes removed that subsection from the printed version of the Revised Statutes. The Revisor is not authorized to re-publish a subsection of law that has been repealed by the legislature even if the Supreme Court has overturned that repeal. This act would serve to have the section re-published in the RSMo, but will not cause any substantive change to the current law.