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SCS#2/SB 1 - Beginning January 1, 2005, any person born after August 28, 1984, shall possess a boating safety identification card in order to operate a vessel on the Mississippi River, Missouri River, or the lakes of this state. The State Water Patrol will issue the card. The card will be issued to persons who: (1) have successfully completed a boating safety course approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Administrators and certified by the State Water Patrol; (2) have passed an equivalency examination prepared and administered by the State Water Patrol; or (3) hold a valid master's, mate's, or operator's license issued by the United States Coast Guard.

The State Water Patrol may charge a fee for the card that does not substantially exceed the administrative cost of this provision. No individual will be stopped or detained for the purpose of checking to see if the individual holds a boating safety identification card. The act also requires that any person convicted of certain boating offenses must enroll and complete a boating safety education course which meets the State Water Patrol's minimum standards, file proof of successful completion of the course with the court, and not operate a vessel until filing proof.

This act is substantially similar to SB 1083 and HB 1307 (2002).