- Introduced -

SB 73 - This act establishes the Missouri Commission on Prevention and Management of Obesity within the Department of Health and Senior Services. The Commission will exist until August 28, 2005 and will have the following duties:

(1) Collecting and analyzing data regarding obesity in Missouri;

(2) Listing programs and services currently available to overweight adults and children;

(3) Listing the funds available for maintaining these programs and services;

(4) Examining the economic impact of the failure to treat obesity;

(5) Identifying cultural, environmental, and socioeconomic barriers related to obesity;

(6) Providing specific recommendations to increase obesity prevention and management in Missouri.

The Commission must coordinate with various federal and state departments to ensure a comprehensive approach to obesity prevention and management. A report must be submitted to the Governor, House Budget committee, and Senate Appropriations by August 28, 2005.

The Commission, comprised of 22 members, must meet by October 1, 2003, and at least quarterly thereafter. The Director of the Department of Health and Senior Services will serve as chair of the Commission. By January 1, 2004, the Department must establish a resource databank containing information about obesity and related subjects.

In addition, school districts must undertake initiatives to create healthy school nutrition environments, which are defined as those that instruct and encourage students to develop healthy eating and physical activity habits. School districts should include quality school meals based on USDA dietary guidelines, other healthy food options, relaxed eating experiences, nutrition education, and appropriate marketing.

The act contains an emergency clause.

This act is similar to SB 680 (2002)