Senator Russell
Bills Sponsored

SB 0001 - Requires boating safety identification card to operate watercraft for certain individuals
SB 0002 - Refines various provisions of employment security law
SB 0003 - Authorizes certain fire protection districts to provide stretcher van and wheelchair transportation services
SB 0058 - Revises documentation required for telecommunications companies to charge for Internet service
SB 0059 - Allows nonattorney representation before the Admin. Hearing Commission & the Division of Labor & Industrial Relations
SB 0060 - Exempts certain employees from union membership, prohibits payroll deductions for, and the requirement of, service fees
SB 0096 - Allows recognition of bargaining unit upon approval of majority of employees in unit
SB 0097 - Non-attorneys may represent corporations in certain state proceedings
SB 0098 - Gives some employees a judicial remedy against labor organizations and allows revocation of their certification
SB 0119 - Prohibits labor organizations from acting as the exclusive representative in some instances
SB 0167 - Modifies jurisdiction for election contests involving the offices of circuit and associate judge
SB 0237 - Allows fishing contests to be conducted without a permit
SB 0244 - Creates the Exhibition Center and Recreation Facility District Act for certain counties
SB 0275 - Addresses authority of governor to convey certain state property in Cole County
SB 0512 - Authorizes the board of public buildings to issue additional revenue bonds for expanded purposes
SB 0686 - Articulates conditions upon which school districts may transfer unrestricted funds
SB 0687 - Modifies multistate corporate income calculations to disallow the classification of non-Missouri source income
SB 0688 - Makes various changes to sales and income tax laws to close loopholes
SB 0689 - Eliminates the timely filing withholding discount
SB 0690 - Adds certain tax compliance measures for certain businesses
SB 0691 - Requires sales and use tax compliance from vendors selling to the state
SB 0698 - Creates safety standards for cribs which are sold or used by commercial users
SB 0699 - Replaces the term "eligible pupils" with the term "average daily attendance" in line 1 of the foundation formula
HB 0001 - Appropriates money for the board of fund commissioners.
HB 0002 - Appropriations for elementary and secondary education
HB 0003 - Appropriations for higher education
HB 0004 - Appropriations for the departments of revenue and transportation
HB 0005 - Appropriations for the office of administration
HB 0006 - Appropriations for the departments of agriculture, natural resources and conservation
HB 0007 - Appropriations for the departments of economic development, insurance, and labor and industrial relations
HB 0008 - Appropriations for the department of public safety
HB 0009 - Appropriations for the department of corrections
HB 0010 - Appropriations for the departments of mental health and health
HB 0011 - Appropriations for the department of social services
HB 0012 - Appropriations for elected officials, the judiciary, public defender and the general assembly
HB 0013 - Appropriations for statewide leasing
HB 0015 - Appropriates money for supplemental purposes
HB 0016 - To appropriate money for capital improvement and other purposes for the several departments of state government
HB 0017 - To appropriate money for expenses, grants, refunds, distributions and other purposes for the several
HB 0019 - To appropriate money for planning, expenses, and for capital improvements including but limited to major

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