Senator Kinder
Bills Sponsored

SB 0011 - Makes various modifications to taxation
SB 0012 - Enacts the Religious Freedom Restoration Act
SB 0013 - Prohibits certain suits by political subdivisions and the state against firearm manufacturers and dealers
SB 0255 - Eliminates PSC ratemaking oversight for certain not-for- profit electrical cooperatives
SB 0510 - Extends the expiration date for the federal reimbursement allowance program for hospitals
SB 0511 - Establishes the Joint Committee on the Life Sciences
SB 0555 - Addresses ability of certain aluminum smelters and cities to purchase energy outside of PSC oversight
SB 0556 - Modifies various provisions relating to the protection of the elderly
SR 0004 - Notice of Proposed Rule Change - Rules 25, 28, and 49
HB 0208 - Revises various provisions regarding the Public Service Commission
HB 0455 - Mandates coverage for alopecia in persons 18 & under for the Medicaid program, MC+ & the MO Consolidated Health Care Plan
HB 0465 - Establishes the Joint Committee on the Life Sciences
HB 0688 - Creates the Life Sciences Research Trust Fund and the board for its administration

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