Senator Clemens
Bills Sponsored

SB 0261 - Allows members of the MO Foxtrotting Horse Breed Association to obtain specialized license plates
SB 0262 - Exempts all public and private retirement benefits from income tax
SB 0438 - Designates a portion of U.S. Highway 60 as the Korea Veterans' Memorial Freeway
SB 0504 - Authorizes a satellite enterprise zone in Springfield
SB 0505 - Limits taking farmland by eminent domain
SB 0506 - Includes the use of lasers within the definition of dentistry
SB 0581 - Amends various provisions regarding special license plates
SB 0611 - Allows county agricultural and mechanical societies to borrow money and mortgage property
SB 0612 - Requires Springfield to sell utility services on a non- discriminatory basis and at the same price to nonresidents
SB 0683 - Requires certain land acquired by the Dept. of Conservation to be sold at public auction
SJR 019 - Prohibits additional appropriations for funding of professional sports stadiums without a vote of the people
HB 0245 - Designates a portion of U.S. Highway 60 as the "Korea War Veterans' Memorial Freeway"

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