Senator Goode
Bills Sponsored

SB 0008 - Creates a senior property tax deferral program
SB 0009 - Amends various provisions regarding the use of child restraint systems in motor vehicles
SB 0010 - Creates a no-spam list in Attorney General's office for unsolicited commercial email
SB 0064 - Authorizes counties to submit a tax to the voters to support enhanced 911 services
SB 0065 - Modifies provisions of the unmarked human burial act
SB 0066 - Revises regulation of tax increment financing
SB 0102 - Creates the Invasive Species Council
SB 0103 - Extends the fee on waste tires to 2014
SB 0104 - Increases the Housing Trust Fund fee from $3 to $5 and applies the fee to all recordable instruments
SB 0123 - Prohibits certain predatory lending practices with respect to home loans
SB 0124 - Specifies that article used in trade-in to offset sales tax must have had tax paid or been exempted from tax
SB 0125 - Allows electric, gas, and water corporations to bill for certain infrastructure costs
SB 0135 - Exempts certain leased personal property from taxation
SB 0136 - Changes filing and meeting dates for offices in political subdivisions and special districts
SB 0137 - Authorizes design-build projects in certain instances
SB 0142 - Gives the power of eminent domain to towns and villages
SB 0143 - Specifies the effective dates for vetoed bills when veto is overridden
SB 0144 - Revises the sunshine law
SB 0148 - Reduces speed limit by 5 mph for trucks on certain highways, expressways and interstates of this state
SB 0172 - Revises regulation of tax increment financing
SB 0218 - Authorizes imposition of lateral sewer service repair fee in certain situations
SB 0254 - Increases the taxes on cigarette and tobacco products
SB 0256 - Limits judicial discretion where jury is unable to unanimously agree on the death penalty
SB 0334 - Changes the jurisdiction over underground storage tanks to the Missouri Hazardous Waste Management Commission
SB 0335 - Increases penalties imposed by the PSC for safety-related violations of the natural Gas Pipeline Safety Act
SB 0565 - Relating to job creation and fiscal accountability
SB 0695 - Modifies various provisions relating to medical services and eligibility
SCR 016 - Creates the Joint Interim Committee on Education
HB 0228 - Creates a no-spam list in the Attorney General's office for unsolicited commercial e-mail

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