Senator Wheeler
Bills Sponsored

SB 0176 - Authorizes the bureau of communicable diseases to monitor epidemiological studies for suspected bioterrorist agents
SB 0177 - Requires aliens to provide notarized copies of birth certificates to obtain a driver's license
SB 0185 - Creates the Missouri Office of Pharmaceutical Reporting
SB 0340 - Allows an equalizing COLA adjustment for certain employees of the Kansas City police retirement system
SB 0341 - Revises provisions of the Kansas City Police and Civilians Retirement Systems
SB 0579 - Subjects nonprofit health entities to additional review by the AG before they can convert to for profit entities
SB 0580 - Establishes the lifetime home grant program which is funded by an additional $1 fee on real estate instruments
SB 0661 - Allows regionally accredited post-secondary educational facilities to be eligible for tourist signs
SB 0662 - Creates the crime of tampering with prescription drugs
HB 0199 - Raises the maximum annual base salaries of certain ranks of Kansas City police officers
HB 0599 - Authorizes additional municipal court cost for Kansas City

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