Senator Bartle
Bills Sponsored

SB 0184 - Allows the sexual offender registry to be posted on the Internet
SB 0191 - Prohibits individuals from engaging in or using public funds and facilities for human cloning
SB 0203 - Modifies enforcement of administrative subpoenas
SB 0212 - Modifies provisions for highway patrol salary schedules and the Kansas City police retirement system
SB 0213 - Allows appeals from orders granting or denying class action certification
SB 0214 - Modifies witness fees
SB 0220 - Creates a partial lump-sum option plan for KC police officers retirement system and changes board membership
SB 0373 - Modifies provisions of the self-storage facilities act
SB 0394 - Modifies law governing corporate formalities
SB 0395 - Revises civil procedure for challenging a board of director decision and shareholder appraisal
SB 0427 - Adopts Missouri Securities Act of 2003
SB 0446 - Modifies provisions of court procedure
SB 0447 - Creates the basic civil legal services fund
SB 0448 - Extends sunset for statewide court automation fund
SB 0449 - Limits certificate of need to only long-term care facilities
SB 0465 - Modifies duties of judicial finance commission
SB 0466 - Modifies provisions relating to charges in criminal cases
SB 0467 - Increases criminal case filing surcharge
SB 0468 - Modifies types of case dispositions that must be reported to the Uniform Law Enforcement System Records
SB 0469 - Modifies provisions relating to court personnel
SB 0470 - Modifies provisions relating to liens on real estate
SB 0471 - Modifies filing requirements for child support garnishment orders
SB 0474 - Modifies surcharge procedure in civil case filings
SB 0499 - Reduces salaries of members of the General Assembly for FY2004 to a sum equal to 97% of their FY2003 salary
SB 0553 - Alters the foundation formula by completely removing the line 1(b) calculation
SB 0615 - Prohibits locating sexually-oriented billboards within one mile of a state highway
SCR 010 - Authorizes the Joint Committee on Legislative Research to print and bind copies of the session laws
SJR 006 - Abolishes the Highway Commission and replaces it with a Director of Transportation
SJR 008 - Creates a limit of two terms for offices of attorney general, state auditor, secretary of state & lt. governor
SJR 011 - Reduces number of representatives from 163 to 105 and increases number of senators from 34 to 35
HB 0152 - Modifies retirement provisions for Kansas City police and the teacher and nonteacher public school retirement systems
HB 0380 - Adopts Missouri Securities Act of 2003
HB 0427 - Creates the basic civil legal services fund
HB 0470 - Modifies various crimes and criminal procedures
HB 0472 - Establishes procedures for appointing boards of directors in community improvement districts
HB 0481 - Prohibits the use of public funds for health and social services programs to subsidize abortion services
HB 0512 - Modifies provisions of the self-storage facilities act
HB 0613 - Modifies provisions of court procedure

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